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Pocari Sweat Run 2013 Race Pack Collection

So…. The week that past was pretty busy but fruitful. I had to skip the Run for Life event on Saturday as I was feeling under the weather. Such a shame as I heard that everyone had such an awesome time. Had to head down to Velocity once again to collect the race pack for the Pocari Sweat Run 2013. The queue snaked all the way to the outside of the building but it moved fast and I got my stuff in no time at all. Don’t know about you but I do like race pack collections haha, I like to see what’s inside although it’s more or less the same with any other event.

So what’s in the Pocari Sweat Run 2013 Race Pack Collection bag?

pocari sweat run race pack singapore

Racer back tank


3 Soyjoy bars

Pocari Sweat sachet

Race Bib 


Pocari Sweat Drink (not pictured cos I drank it on the spot)

Not too bad this year, see last year’s Pocari Sweat Run race pack collection 2012

Also, I think this year’s tee is better, maybe I have a biasedness towards racerback cuts. The only gripe (hardly though) was that the sizing ran a tad too big but it’s fine for me because I like baggy stuff. Not sure if others feel the same though.

pocari sweat run race tee 2013

The route is more or less the same as the last year, taking runners past the scenic Gardens by the Bay, but instead of starting there like last year, the start line will be at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Flag off is 7am for the 10km and 7.45 for the 5km

race route pocari sweat run

I had a nice experience last year (read about it here) and am hoping this year will be the same. Honestly, I have cut down on running tremendously because I am letting my leg heal so the furthest distances done this year are only 5km runs. But believing God for his healing and of cos, I will be taking it slow and steady 🙂

Other stuff I did this weekend

I had a nice swim after feeling better, a good yoga session, did some meal prep for the week and managed to eat clean for the weekend 🙂

swimming tyr googles

keep losing my goggles, third one already

healthy open faced sandwich

had this awesome open-faced chicken sandwich with mashed avocado, egg and walnuts atop a slice of wholemeal bread and a side of honeyed Quinoa with blueberries and strawberries. Refreshingly good.

Anyone else running this race?

Thanks for reading! 

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