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Pocari Sweat Run 2013 Singapore

So this weekend was a really busy one for me but the highlight of it was the Pocari Sweat Run 2013 which took place on Sunday 16th June. Into its second year, I am not sure how many runners participated in this altogether but it didn’t feel and look as many as the other larger running events which suited me just fine (not a huge fan of crowds).

First 10km of the year

I was gonna take the MRT but I overslept and had to grab a cab down instead. On the way, I was feeling pretty revved up but a little apprehensive as it was going to be my first 10K after so long! The last long run I had was the SCMS 2012 Marathon but that was tainted with an injury (healing though, read more here) and my woes began in Jan shortly after. Since then, I had to take a step back on running and did other multi sports instead and the furthest I ran in races were 5Ks.

But I was really excited to see if I could do this as I had been slowly upping my mileage cautiously.

Race Day

view from the promontory marina bay

So…. despite the slight hooha on the running tee (sizes were an issue for some, read their FB page for more details), things went smoothly for the event. Personally, I didn’t have any problem with the sizing at all, so what if it was a little big? We’ll survive, no biggie rightttt… I don’t know why some people like to complain over the slightest things. 

The start point was different from last year’s, this time it was at the [email protected] Bay which was nice for a change but the route was more or less the same. Knowing what to expect helps a lot as I can plan in my head which areas to take it slow and when to push. 

There was this roundabout upslope at the Marina Barrage (click here for virtual view) that threatened to test the mettle out of most of the runners but I always remembered someone once told me, never waste a hill and beside hills are my favorite. I like working hard to get to the top and then enjoying my well deserved run downslope. So I decided not to stop.

Some pics:

start point of pocari sweat run 2013

runners stretching at the pocari sweat run 2013

start point of pocari sweat run 2013

start point of pocari sweat run 2013

End point

Well, I think on the whole I managed to be quite consistent in my pace (did roughly a 6:30min/km) and finished in around 1:07hr according to my watch. Far from my PB but hey, with a nursing injury and all, I am glad to run this without any flare ups or pain the next day. Next race coming up is the SHAPE run for the ladies, doing it with my bestie so am looking forward to that as well 🙂

race medal for pocari sweat run 2013,

 ocari sweat run 2013 finisher medal

Finisher medal for pocari sweat run 2013

Read more on last year’s pocari sweat run 2012 here, just realised after re-reading it that i had recovered from an injury then too! I hate how they can be so prolonged, urghh.

Oh and other misc stuff that happened over the weekend:

  • Accompanied bestie to collect the Race Pack for the Mizuno Passion Mount Faber Run , nothing much in there really, not even samples but good luck to those running!


Char with her Mizuno race pack

  • Dropped by a Pilates studio to discuss on some details on a collaboration
  • Experimented with healthy baking – quinoa and spiced pumpkin bars and protein muffins, recipe up soon!

quinoa pumpkin bites

  • Attended a Sunsilk event in the evening, nice way to pamper yourself after a long intense weekend

sunsilk pop up booth

Hope you had a great and fruitful weekend and an awesome run whether you did the Pocari Sweat Run 2013 or on your own! 

Thanks for reading! 

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3 thoughts on “Pocari Sweat Run 2013 Singapore”

  1. Eddie Azron says:

    Hi Sheryl, keep up on your posts..Love reading them.

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Alex says:

    Interesting write up and glad you enjoy the run!

    And remember to hydrate yourself consistently!

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