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Tips for Managing the Haze

Decided to write an impromptu post on the haze. I can’t remember the last time it felt and smelt so bad! We have been hit by the highest haze levels in 16 years! When I woke up this morning, that was the first thing that hit my nose. Then I peered out of my window and saw how bad it was. Apparently, it was PSI 106 this morning but the number has fallen to about PSI 90 as of 3 pm just now. (click here to check psi readings).

Yesterday was even worse, while walking back to my office, I snapped this photo. I am sure though, that all you have similar photos taken of the haze just about anywhere in Singapore. There is no escaping. 

haze in singapore

usually i can see the buildings clearly, yesterday they were just a blur silhouette

So how to avoid this? Well, bad news is we can’t ( haha, saw somewhere on FB that PSI = Please stop indonesia). What we can is to manage it the best we know how.

So here are some tips for managing the haze:

1. Do not workout outdoors. I don’t care how strong your lungs are, be sensible and it won’t kill you to go to a gym or not workout for a few days. No gym membership? Pay $2.50 and go to the nearest public gym. Prevention is so much better than cure right and what if you fall sick? 

2. Drink lots of water, oleander water is my favorite.


3. Wear a mask, cute or not cute up to you. 

face mask cute face mask plain

4. Eat well. No KFC (sorry, nothing against fast food but it’s common sense) or other fried, oily stuff that is bound to irritate the throat. Chow down on fruits, veggies and non heaty foods

5. Have eyedrops handy if you wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. 

6. Take a cold shower. I took 4 the other day. Quick ones, don’t waste water hor.

7. Sleep early, most of us are overworked anyway. This is the perfect time to stay at home and catch up on some snoozin’

On a funny note, trust the guys at 9gag singapore to come up with these memes

haze survival 4

haze survival 3

haze survival 1

haze survival 5

haze survival 2

*All pictures credited to 9gag Singapore

Any more haze management tips anyone?

One thought on “Tips for Managing the Haze”

  1. nws says:

    Indeed a timely post for us doing our best to survive this haze!
    As for now,the burnt smell and air quality is bad for breathing.Just wondering how long this will continue 🙁 I really like your tip on sleeping early,which most people neglect.

    By the way, our local running forum is also discussing about the current haze at this thread:

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