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All in a Week’s Work 15-21Jul

I hope the weekend for you went as well as it did for me. Well, kinda. Apart from my moderately sinful meal at buffet town on Saturday due to a friend’s birthday celebration, I was pretty good the rest of the time. I don’t know about you, but I think my appetite has shrunk! I think it is safe to say that I am wasting money by going to buffets. After like 2 rounds, I am done!

What did I have? Mostly salmon sashimi and of cos, my fav corner, the veg and salad section. I don’t like salty, fried and oily food so no damage done there. Allergic to seafood except fish, so had to give the oysters, mussels, crabs and other friends of the sea a miss. Not that I was yearning for it though. Luckily, the dessert ( my nemesis) section was not appetizing at all, so didn’t have much there.

And the week just flashed by again:

Anyway, this weekend was spent swimming on both days. Saturday morning was at the public pool filled with dozens of bared torso men, sexy and not so sexy ladies and plenty of parents bringing their broods for swimming lessons. Despite all that, I managed to swim 20 laps though, not bad right?

Sunday was spent doing drills for my front crawl. This time, at a peaceful location. Still trying to perfect it as I have seriously bad coordination and a short attention span to boot ( sometimes i suspect I have ADD, someone then would always get so pissed at me for interrupting although I didn’t mean it), but my “coach” was patient and we both survived the session well.

Anyway, Monday is here and I can’t wait for the week to be over. Two trips coming up soon and I can hardly wait! In the meantime, here’s some motivation for you peeps!

fitness, motivation, lifting

fitness motivation

fitness meme

running memes

 Have a great start to the new week! Keep on rollin… 🙂 

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