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Olympic Sprinters Test Positive for Drugs

In case you didn’t know, Former world champion Tyson Gay and Jamaica’s ex-100m world record holder Asafa Powell have failed drug tests.. Both have denied cheating by the way, with Powell insisting he had never “knowingly” doped,  while Gay, who is waiting for his B sample, said “I basically put my trust in someone and was let down”.  

He was dropped by Adidas who said in a statement : “We are shocked by these recent allegations, and even if we presume his innocence until proven otherwise, our contract with Tyson is currently suspended.”


The last time a scandal as huge as this was when 5 time medal winner Marion Gray admitted to steroid use. I was quite sad to hear this actually. It really displaces your trust in athletes and makes you wonder why people take such risks when there is such a high chance of getting caught.

Perhaps the desire to be crowned champion overshadows one’s common sense. In any case, they not only shortchange themselves, but fellow competitors who might have legitimately won, millions of fans of the sport and others who put their trust in them. 

I love running since young and I always believed in doing your best. There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of crossing the line first (memories I hold dear), all the hard work on the track finally paying off… So i can never imagine what it is like to win with an unfair advantage. Even if you never get found out, won’t your conscience get to you? You, yourself will know… and for me, I could never live with that. 

Love this quote:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. 

– Aristotle


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