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Stuck in a Rut – 16jul

One week. Well, almost. I haven’t been really doing anything much the past week. Every since I got sick with a bad cough, I kinda just rested. But that’s the thing, I feel soooo lazy to get up and go again. Just over the weekend, I was supposed to go to the gym but I psyched myself and a friend into NOT going (hurray for friends who love you ) but decided to go shopping and junk on Hagen Daaz ice cream which tasted supremely delicious if you must know. 

binge eating

What I have been feeling like doing all week

Fast forward to today and I still haven’t worked out yet.  I feel fat man. Sorry, this post is kinda whiny but ever have one those days where one rest day turns into two and then before you know it, a whole week goes by? Plus the fact that the antibiotics that the doctor gave me is giving me some unwanted side effects like bad water retention and stuff. Bleah. Plus, I think I am having an epic sugar moment here, I keep wanting to eat bread and dessert… what is wrong with me 🙁 The usual excitement of seeing veggies eludes me and all I want is kaya toast and a teh si. 

Anyway, hope this feeling doesn’t last and that I will be back being active soon…. Plus now I have a bright idea… Am seriously thinking of cutting out sugar for at least 10 days and that includes fruit! I reckon it would be interesting to document it, stay tuned.


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