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Top 10 Benefits of Running

It’s been a long time since I posted an infograph, the last few were on common running injuries, the ultimate runner’s guide and barefoot vs trail running so I thought it would be good to post this. Also, because I have been sick the last week, nursing a bad sore throat which turned to a cough, I didn’t have time and am too drowsy (cough medicine) to think about what to write. (I do prefer coughs though, sore throats are such a pain even when swallowing.)

Check out these top 10 benefits of running and see if you can think of more:
infograph on running

For me, these are just added bonuses to running. I certainly didn’t know about them when i started running in Pri school 🙂 Other benefits that I think running has given me are:

  1. It helps me blow off steam. When I am feeling miffed or irritated, I go for a run. The angrier I get, the faster I run until I cannot run any further. I huff and puff and catch my breath and always feel better after that. People go for therapy, I go for a run.

2. Before you think I have anger management issues, I do run when I am happy too. There’s nothing like a good old run to release the endorphins in your body. 

3. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. That I did something good for my body. 

4. Face it, you run to burn off something you ate or you go for a run because you are planning to indulge later. Been there, done that. 🙂 

5. Another benefit of running is that I love the feeling of sweating it out. I know the whole she-bang about weights and cardio and to get definition and all that jazz, you need to lift more, etc. I geddit. But I still like running, so there.

6. It’s such an awesome feeling when finally hit your PB after months of training. 

What are the benefits you get while running? 


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