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Diving in Dayang Pulau Aur – 2D2N Weekend Trip

So, it’s only been about three days since I came back from diving in Dayang Pulau Aur. Spent about 2D2N over the weekend. It’s has been a while since I last dived (My last dive was in Bali, Tulamben in 2012) so when my friend (read his review here) asked me to take over his friend who had backed out the last minute, I thought: “Why not?” Did not regret it one bit. 

Interestingly, this is my first time with a Singapore based diving school. All of my dives prior to this were done when I was overseas so the experience is quite different altogether. There is more bonding, perhaps because the divers were either Singaporeans or Malaysians so it was like one big extended family going together on a holiday. We went with fisherman scuba  which is a good dive school for those who want to take the Open Water course. They are under SSI and not PADI though.

Anyway…. Here’s the timetable 

Diving in Dayang Pulau Aur – Dive trip itinerary

Depart Johor Bahru for Mersing
Arrive Mersing and depart for Pulau Dayang
Arrive Pulau Dayang and check in to Dayang Resort
Breakfast at Dayang Resort
First Dive
Second Dive
Third Dive
Fourth Dive (Night Dive)
Fifth Dive
Sixth Dive
Check out of Dayang Resort and depart for Mersing
Arrive Mersing and depart for Johor Bahru
Arrive Johor Bahru

For your orientation, in case you cannot imagine where Pulau Aur is:

map of singapore to dayang, mersing, tioman

about 2 hours bus ride to Mersing, 4 hours boat ride to Dayang

diving sites in Dayang

The dive sites

Slight jam to the checkpoint but it wasn’t massive. Remember to eat your dinner and use the bathroom as the only stop would be at a petrol kiosk. Reaching the jetty at Mersing around midnight, it was another 3-4 hours boat ride. Note to self: do not wear short shorts because the cabin’s Aircon is more like a freezer and it’s not much better sleeping on the open deck with cold winds blowing in your face but I will take fresh sea air over stale air con any day.

diving singapore, to dayang dive trip


diving in dayang

Day 1 

Checked into the shared dorms (4 to a room) about 5 am, slept rested 1hr-ish and had to wake up at 7 for the first dive. Luckily there was breakfast first. I dove in my rashie and board shorts as I don’t really have a fondness for wearing a wetsuit. The temperature is quite warm anyway, around 28-30deg in the water. Even the water in the rooms were much colder as there are no heaters. (Bring your own towel btw)

It rained on the second and third dive so visibility wasn’t very clear. The fourth dive was a night dive which was way more interesting than the first three dives of the day. Maybe I have been spoilt as I had seen much nicer stuff while diving in Manado and Phuket and was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t much to see here except for a few nudibranchs, a silhouette of a turtle, a school of bumpheads, hermit crab, a moray eel and a small lion fish that looked extremely lazy to swim.  

divers descending

The only exciting thing that was a remora (suckerfish) which affectionately attached itself to my calf. I didn’t mind at first but when it started inching up towards my back thigh, I panicked a lil as I didn’t want it exploring up my shorts if you know what I mean.

My dive master said it was very rare for them to attach themselves to the divers as they usually will just follow us around for a while before leaving. There was no pain though, just felt that my leg was being sucked on gently which felt more weird than anything.

femora on diver leg

Pardon the shaky shot, had to twist my body behind to take it which it not easy considering the tank and plus the fact while i was taking this, it was like inching up slowly… The pink you see are my fins...

Day 2 

We dived before breakfast so I was hungry! Ate 4 eggs and a 80% raw egg the day before (brave right?) so I had enough of eggs for a bit and was glad there was porridge which is one of my fav foods. Didn’t junk much this trip except towards the end where I had a Twinkie that gave me a huge belly bloat which was NOT a nice feeling at all. 

Anyway, I digress… Sunrise on the boat was amazing and the two dives we had were much better than Day 1. I think my photo taking skills have taken a plunge though. Can’t seem to focus properly and when I look back at my past diving photos, they were so much better! Next goal — improve underwater photography



I used an Olympus U tough which is okay but the reaction time is super slow in between taking the next shots. Canon is a much better choice and it was proven when I looked into the bucket and saw that most of the cameras used were the canon G15.

olympus underwater casing

This is quite an old model bought in 2010.  

On the bright side, my buoyancy has improved by leaps and bounds. Don’t need so much weights as well (using 2 kg now) and my oxygen consumption has become quite efficient too! yay 🙂

diving in dayang

diving in dayang

So here are some shots throughout the trip:


Having a little withdrawal symptoms at the mo, so am pretty glad that I will be going on another trip tonight. This time, for 2 weeks down under to visit friends and do some trekking and outdoorsy stuff. Prob won’t post anything till I get back so here’s wishing you guys a fabulous long weekend next week!

Anybody been to Dayang for diving? Any other places or experiences to share?


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