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Baked egg with avocado, tomato wild rice, chicken and mushroom patties – Healthy eating ideas

What a long title right, haha. Anyway, was in one of those moods to create a gourmet-esque healthy looking meal that will not only serve to tantalize the eye but the taste buds as well. 

chicken patties

baked egg avocado, shaved cucumbers, tomato rice, chicken patties

So I created:

Baked chicken patties with mushrooms, topped with cheese

Baked egg in avocado

Shaved cucumbers to create illusion of volume

Tomato puree and wild rice

I hardly add salt to my cooking, preferring to use herbs as flavor instead. Initially, you might find it hard to get used to it but after a while, you’ll start to appreciate the true flavors of the food without having to resort to putting salt (for flavor) on everything.

I won’t be putting up the recipes for these items except for the baked egg in avocado which is super easy to do. The rest will be done at another time. This is just to show that healthy eating can look and taste good too. 

avocado with egg

baked egg

Mine was a bit overdone, left it too long. remember to check!

1. Cut avocado into half. Make the whole a little bigger than usual. Crack an egg and pour into avocado. You won’t need the whole egg. Sprinkle with herbs or cheese (optional) Remember to place foil beneath. 

2. bake in oven for about 10 min at 150 degrees , occasionally checking to see that it’s not over cooked.

I love avocados, containing good fats, they are healthy for you and keeps you feeling satiated. Not to mention, there are a 101 ways to experiment with them. Only grouse is that they don’t taste as good as the ones I buy when I am in Oz. It’s like they lose their flavor once they are exported. Maybe it just me, but I really like the ones down under. 

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