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10 Ways on How to Stay Fit at the Office

Humans weren’t made to sit down, we were made to be active! At least that is how I feel.

Hands are for doing, legs are for walking, just as the eyes are for seeing and the ears for hearing. Each one has a natural function and when we think of  an image of the human body, immediately a picture of this comes to my mind



rather than this


or this



But because of technology and the smartness of humanity, we have designed things to work on our behalf. Granted that the invention of automobiles, machines and advances in medicine, technology and other industries have been to our benefit, we are also seeing more diseases and illnesses being more rampant as well.

I like the example of the Pixar animated movie, Wall-E,  where a robot had to teach us the importance of what it was like to be human. In that movie, people were dependent on technology to survive. Human dystopia they call it.

Most of us are in office jobs and we have no choice but to sit for long hours everyday.

So here are some of the things I do to try and incorporate a little fitness and healthy lifestyle in my job. You can do them too!

never too early for ice cream


10 Ways on How to Stay Fit at the Office 

1.   I am lucky as I manage to do a bit of walking everyday. The distance from my house to the mrt is about 400m, 700m from the mrt to the office so I walk 2.2 km (minimum) in total daily.

walking penguin

2.   I make myself a cup of green tea (mostly) when I get in. 

3.   Posture makes a lot of difference. I try to sit upright whenever I can.


he slouched his way to obesity

4.   I try to stretch (subtly) every other hour.

5.   I try to bring my own lunch at least 3 times a week. I find heavy lunches make me sleepy so I prefer something light.

6.   If I am eating in, I’ll go for a short walk around the area or to the nearby mall just so I can digest. But this makes me shop! Have to stop spending, lol.

7.   Another lucky thing to have, I have a standing area to do my work so after lunch I will stand for at least 2 hours. The benefits of having a standing desk are tremendous and is very beneficial to one’s health. I simply love the fact that I can stand and work.

8.   I go for a spin class during lunch hour once a week. My favourite day of the week too! Feel rejuvenated and perked up after that.


9.   I am blessed with colleagues who bring really awesome snacks but I try to resist sometimes. Bringing my own fruit helps me say no 🙂 Although I cave at times..

trying to resist temptation

10.   I take the stairs whenever I feel like it, at the mrt, my home or whenever I encounter one.

These are some of the things I do (excluding my activities outside work) that keeps me sane. Having previously transited from a very physically demanding job to one that is sedentary by nature, I get my doses of being active in small amounts.

After all, a little goes a long way.

What are the things you practice at work that keeps you feeling active or less sluggish?

Thanks for reading! 

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