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My New Bike

I got a new bike! Yay! After “suffering” the bike leg in my last tri , I had come to the conclusion that it would be best to get my own bike but limited funds prevented me from doing so. Until, I got a call from my very good pal saying that she didn’t want her bike anymore and would i like to have it. Yes! 

She said she hardly used it, like only twice and it was sitting there collecting dust. So, I gladly took it off her hands. It’s a Trek 7.2 FX hybrid which I think is just right for me. Combining the best of both worlds, the tyres are thinner than a mountain bike but thicker than a road bike and is suitable for most terrains. 

Trek 7.2 fx bike

Good working condition – only had to pump air in the deflated wheels


My lovely gal, she was excited about the bike too. Didn’t budge from that spot for hours…

The ride:

Was so excited and slighty scared at the same time. Lucky my friend was with me, took his helmet which made me look like a mushroom head but made me feel way secure and safe, if not I would absolutely freak out. It’s funny how I feel this way when I used to go riding everywhere in the neighbourhood on my own when I was younger, I guess I really haven’t been riding for such a loooong time. 

It was a good 45 min ride to the dam and back. I still need to get the hang of pushing on the pedals and correctly lifting off after stopping so that I don’t wobble each time I start and stop. Also, need to fix the brakes (which I somehow spoilt, dunno how!) and get my gears checked. But other than that, am happy 🙂


Gonna start training more next week because I have another tri coming up at the end of September, the Cold Storage Triathlon. Doing the Sprint series so hopefully, I will fare better this time round!

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