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Press Release – Registration for NIKE WE RUN SG 2013 OPENS 28 Sept 2013

 nike we run sg 2013


Singapore,  25  September  2013  –  Registration  for  the  much-­‐anticipated  Nike  We  Run  SG  2013  #justdoit   begins  online  (Appendix  I)  on  28  September  2013,  Saturday  at  1000hrs.  A  total  of  20,000  runners  are   expected  to  be  part  of  Nike’s  global  We  Run  series  on  3  November  2013.  This  year,  the  Nike  We  Run  SG   will  have  a  unique  10km  route  that  enables  runners  to  choose  different  experiences  and  run  it  their  own   way.

Upon  registration,  participants  will  get  to  submit  creative  suggestions  of  fun  rules  they  wish  to  see  on  race   day  and  at  training  runs,  providing  them  a  chance  to  exercise  their  choice  in  creating  a  personal  and   unforgettable  experience.  Be  it  running  at  sunrise  or  dancing  and  running,  Nike  We  Run  SG  wants  to  hear   from  participants  how  they  would  like  their  runs  to  be  different  this  year.  It  is  an  opportunity  for  runners   to  write  their  own  rules  and  design  a  running  experience  that  they  desire,  as  Nike  Singapore  will  be   turning  some  of  the  most  unique  and  interesting  suggested  rules  into  reality.

Nike We Run SG 2013 Run Your Registration_2


Nike  will  be  organizing  special  training  sessions  to  help  runners  prepare  for  the  race,  with  each  session   uniquely  themed  based  on  creative  rules  submitted  by  participants.  Participants  can  also  register  for  the   training  sessions  when  they  register  for  the  race.

Runners  can  also  prepare  for  race  day  through  the  more  than  18  million  strong  Nike+  community.  New   Nike+  Challenges  allow  runners  to  set  a  distance  goal,  invite  Nike+  friends  to  join  and  race  to  the  virtual   finish  line.  Users  can  determine  the  name  of  the  Challenge,  mileage  goal,  time  period  and  participants.   Additionally,  a  new  chat  feature  allows  friends  to  encourage  each  other  and  share  tips  throughout  the   Challenge.  Runners  can  stay  motivated  by  checking  the  live  leaderboard  to  track  progress  and  see  where   they  rank  amongst  their  friends.

Nike We Run SG 2013 Run Your Registration_1

 Earlier  this  month,  1,000  runners  had  a  teaser  preview  of  what  could  be  expected  at  Nike  We  Run  SG   2013  during  the  Run  Your  Registration  event.  For  the  first  time,  Nike  offered  runners  a  chance  earn  their   entry  to  the  race.  During  Run  Your  Registration  at  Fort  Canning  Park,  choices  were  provided  during  the   run,  ensuring  each  runner  enjoyed  a  running  experience  unique  to  them.  Some  of  the  experiences   included  choices  of  fast  or  slow  routes,  leaping  across  an  obstacle,  and  running  to  their  choice  of  hip-­‐hop   or  pop  music.  Runners  who  completed  the  sessions  earned  a  complimentary  priority  slot  to  Nike  We  Run   SG  2013.
Nike  We  Run  SG  2013  is  part  of  Nike’s  global  We  Run  series.  Aimed  at  celebrating,  motivating  and   inspiring  athletes  around  the  world,  more  than  350,000  anticipated  runners  will  have  taken  over  3  billion   strides  in  We  Run  races  in  26  cities  by  the  end  of  2013,  motivated  by  Nike+  and  Nike  Running  design   innovations.       The  We  Run  races  range  in  distance  from  5K  to  the  full  marathon,  and  capture  the  unique  enthusiasm  of   each  city.  From  Sao  Paulo  to  Seoul  to  Singapore,  each  city  will  be  moved  to  action  through  a  series  of   unique  experiences  for  runners.  Tailored  to  each  individual  city,  the  We  Run  races  will  build  on  the   aesthetic  of  each  landscape  through  an  interactive  run  course.


(Appendix  I)

Registration  Details    

Registration  period:   From  28  September  2013,  Saturday  (1000hrs)

Website:     WWW.NIKE.COM/EVENTS/REGISTER/WERUNSG   (Link doesn’t work till registration opens)

We  Run  SG  2013  Details    

Date:   3  November  2013  (Sunday)

Time:     0715hrs

Distance: 10km

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