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Korea Trip 2013

Haven’t been updating this for the past week as I was away on a holiday to Korea with my bestie. It was a long-awaited one as we haven’t travelled together despite being friends for over 18 years (and counting)

On the whole, extremely fruitful trip that consisted of stocking up on our beauty stash, cafe hopping and enjoying the cool climate that Singapore doesn’t offer.

Stayed at the relatively new Frasers Place which is a five minute walk from Namdaemun Market and another 15 minute walk to Myeong Dong where we spent most of our time. Wifi is abundant so we managed to stay connected most of the time.

I was initially worried that I would get withdrawal symptoms from not working out but my concern was unfounded as:

1. We walked. A lot. Plus lots of stair climbing and heavy shopping bag carrying makes it akin to carrying weights in some ways for me.

this was my "carrying weights" during the trip

These were my “weights”. Lugging them around was no joke…


2. Food wise, we ate rather healthily. Typical Korean fare like Korean Ginseng Chicken, Beef BBQ and Chicken Galbi were tried and tasted. Actually, because the both of us can’t take spicy food and the food that came to us were cooked in hot sauce, we ate very little of it.  So I really enjoyed the ginseng chicken and meat. Even dessert was minimal, I counted a waffle with green tea ice cream and lattes as minor indulgences.



No rice, just veggies and meat to fill us up


Succulent beef


Enjoying my korean chicken ginseng – finally something NOT spicy


more beef with lots of veggies

3. Weather was cold and when its freezing, you tend to burn more right? See theory here

4. Hardly drank soft drinks, only water for me as my throat was super dry. Plus cappuccinos were my other source of hydration. This may explain why I had to drink more water as coffee is typically a diuretic.

The day after I got back to Singapore, I went for a short half an hour run. Oh boy, can i tell you that after not running for a week, the getting started part is tough! Looking forward to upping my mileage again as I have a run next week 🙂

Other photos:

How do you keep healthy on holiday?


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