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Running the Shape Run Singapore 2013

Originally slated for the 7th of July, the Shape Run Singapore 2013 was postponed to 27th October because of the haze that shrouded Singapore and the organisers didn’t want to take the risk of letting participates run in hazardous air conditions. Race pack collection was done way in advance and I was glad I didn’t misplace my bib.

Flag off was at 6.30am which is rather early as most races tend to start only at 7 or 7.30. My bestie bunked at my place so that we could cab there as public transport only commences at 6am.

shape run baggage

bag deposit before dawn

shape run 2013

At the start line

shape run warming up

Warming up for before the flag off. Weather was great and while I was a tad sleepy, I think it’s better to start earlier as there is no sun yet. Decided to a fasted run (see why fasted cardio burns more fat) which means no breakfast for me. I wanted to see if this would affect my performance because every run that I did before, I had at least a banana to fill me up.

shape run starting point

Most of the ladies came deck out in the run’s official tank top by Reebok and I must say, that it is one of the better and more flattering cuts given in race packs.

The route:
shape run 2013 route

Route was refreshing because it was not at the Marina Barrage where most races are held. There were quite a few turns here and there, good change of scenery from roads to the Kallang River and the F1 pit building past the iconic Singapore Flyer and a good up and down hill (I love hills) during the last 1km.

shape run sg

Runners after the finish line walking to get drinks

Shapre run sg 2013


I finally finished in 1:02ish according to my Garmin 210 (see review here) and I must say that I was pretty happy with the result of fasted cardio as I managed to shave off 5min from this year’s 10km. Far from all time personal best but definitely the fastest I clocked this year..

It’s been a tough year wrecked with bad leg injury, a chronic neck strain and an old shoulder tendonitis resurfacing but I guess everyone has to go through tough times and I know I will come out stronger than before. (hopefully quicker too hehe). One more race next month and I am done for the year.

I will be concentrating more on rehabilitative therapy and sticking to running as I have been advised not to carry any weights that aggravate the shoulder area.

breakfast grub post run

and finally post workout grub at Robert Timms with a big breakfast of poached eggs, turkey breast, bacon, baked tomato, salad and baked beans.



What’s your favorite thing to eat post workout?

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6 thoughts on “Running the Shape Run Singapore 2013”

  1. Looks like a great race! I’d love to run in Singapore one day 🙂 . Well done!

  2. singaporerun says:

    Blog looks great. Nice article here but you may want to consume some heavier food after running, lol. Anyway heading to sundown marathon?

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Thanks! 🙂 Yup will be running it. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!

  3. singaporerun says:

    oh by the way keep us updated about your running will ya?

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