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10 Tips to Control Festive Bingeing


According to BBC food, we can polish off up to 6000kcal on Christmas Day

Sometimes I binge a lot, I can polish of a whole pack of Tim Tams or go through a whole block of chocolate. (after eating a full meal.) Then after that I feel disgusted with myself for eating so much. But I can’t help it, it tasted sooooo good then and I really couldn’t stop at one.


With the festive season coming, I know that it’s bound to happen again. I eat more when I am happy and socializing. It’s normal.

Why do we binge?

Like most people, when we know we are going to go to a party or a gathering, we decide that we are not going to eat anything the whole day and boom, we attack like hungry sharks at dinner time.

That is not a good way to indulge, you not only feel hungry and miserable the whole day, but when you eat a lot at one go, your body cannot process all the insulin (it becomes more and more insulin resistant on a regular high sugar/refined food diet)  that is being produced due to all the sugars and carbs that are being shoved down your throat at lightening speed and when they cannot be used as energy, where do they go? Being stored as fat, that’s what. 

Shall write a post dedicated on insulin shortly, but for now I hope this diagram explains how it works. As you can see(the pink arrows), it is stored as glycogen, but when these stores are full, they have no choice but to be converted to fat. Do correct me if I am wrong but am pretty sure that’s how it works according to my doctor.




BUT BUT BUT I know, it’s hard not to have a second round of your aunt’s awesome cooking right? So I came up with a list of tips to help control festive bingeing. Although it works for any other occasions.

I will separate it into two parts Before you go out and While you are there


1. This is so cliché but true. Drink a glass of water or if you like, add juice of a lemon for some zest. I personally like apple cider vinegar which acts as an appetite suppressant ( read how here).

2. Have some protein before you go out. You don’t have to eat a whole lot, just a bit to keep you from feeling ravenous so that you won’t attack the spread. I think hard-boiled eggs are a good choice and there is something about them that keeps me full. But it’s different if they were soft-boiled (anyone feel me), what’s the logic right, I know they are the same eggs! But I really do feel so much fuller after eating hard-boiled ones.

hard boiled eggs






3. If you have the time, get a workout done.

4. This works for me, wear something form-fitting (not killer tight mind you)  rather than loose clothing. This way you can keep track when you know your clothes are getting tighter from the food and drinks and when it does, it’s time to stop.



1. When you arrive, scan the party table first and decide what will be the most healthiest options

2. Choose wisely when it comes to canapes. Also try to go for more protein than carbs.

healthy canapes

Plate Of Tidbits

Generally try to avoid the ones with puff pastries, bread or crackers, they maybe small but it all adds up. Best bet would be to go for slices of salmon or meat that are sandwiched between cut veggies.

3. If you drink, choose drinks with low-calorie mixers or have it on the rocks. Eg: Whiskey on the rocks or wine spritzer rather than rum or coke or pina colada

4. For every drink you drink, down a glass of water after that. It not only stops you from drinking too much calories, it also keeps you hydrated and the possibility of getting drunk is less too.

5. Stand further away from the table and engage more in conversation. After all, you are to catch up with friends!

6. Choose one dessert and stick to it. This requires will power but am sure you can do it. There will always be another chance to eat sinful stuff again. Sugar is everywhere whether we like it anot.


Anymore tips to share? Would love to hear them!


Thanks for reading! 

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