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Meet Charmaine – Dove Girl on the Go

Kick starting off my new category of inspirational people on their health and fitness journey is my bestie Charmaine Lee, who also happens to be one of the girls on the Dove campaign for hair (see more here).

Anyway, she had a health scare (see more here) that made her take health and fitness seriously.

this is her before:

Charmaine Lee -  before


Heaviest at 60kg

Charmaine Lee -  before

And this is her after:

Charmaine Lee - yoga by the pool

After 50kg


Charmaine Lee - sundown half marathon

 Looking good Char!


Name : Charmaine Lee

Occupation: Manager

Age: 32

Height and Weight :163cm / 50kg

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Friendly. Spontaneous. Easy-going.

2. What are your favourite ways to stay fit and healthy?

Jogging and Bikram yoga

3. Was there a time when you were unhealthy or unfit? What happened and how did you overcome it?

After a health scare two years ago, I’ve completely changed my lifestyle from late nights with little exercise to working out at least twice a week coupled with a healthier diet.

4. What are you more proudest/happiest moments in terms of fitness and health?

Completing a half marathon and managing to improve on my bikram poses every session makes me happy!

5. Any new goals in the future?

To run a full marathon, gaining more lean muscle and training for nice abs!

6. Any advice to people wanting to embark on a fitness regime?

Stop procrastinating and just get moving. Start with something you enjoy and you will all in love with it more as you go along.

7. What does your daily diet consist of?

Yong tau foo, fish soup, fruits and vegetables. Recently, I have been trying to take in more meat.

8. What are you guilty pleasures?

Dessert and chips are my weaknesses!


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  1. Paleorina says:

    Great post! She looks fantastic!!

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