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And 2013 comes to a close… Here’s to 2014!

Wow, what a year!

2013 has been a year of more ups than downs and I am grateful to God for that. We, as human beings like to complain a lot but when we look back and reflect, we really have it better than a lot of people around the world. So, I decided to jot down the experiences I had in 2013 so that when I am inclined to whine, I can read this, erase that whiny feeling and be thankful instead.


The travelling bug hit and I had the opportunity to go to these few places:

– solo trip tp Hanoi, Vietnam

– Diving in Dayang

diving in pulau aur







– Perth to see my bestie bestie

Incheon, Korea for some shopping with my best friend

– Phuket for some R&R


as for sports I managed to do 

the Safari Zoo run in Feb, became part of the BFF crew for Nike She Runs, did my first tri in the MetaSprint series,

safari zoo run singapore 2013, safari zoo run pictures, zoo run singapore











running in singapore, running crew, bff crew

metasprint triathlon singapore 2013
















race medal for pocari sweat run 2013,

run in the park





















Pocari Sweat Run for the second time, Straits Times run in the Park, Climbed a mountain/peak in WA, Shape Run, , Run for Hope 2013Illumi Run , first interview for womens and sport , 14 day Bikram Yoga Challenge and am very grateful for the many shoes, gears and blogging events that I have attended. I am even more thankful for the awesome people I met.

The things that challenged me in 2013 

  • Having a neck strain that has been buggering me for almost two years. I cannot look up or rotate fully without feeling a sharp pain. Every now and then, it comes back and hits me hard and stops me from going all out in sports and exercise and then i have to take a 2-3 weeks hiatus for it to hurt less. It hasn’t gone away YET.


  • Experienced weight gain of 10kg due to hormonal problems (read: PCOS)  in 2012. This was a huge blow and although everyone says I look fine and don’t look like I put on thaaaat much, it sucks when you know you are not who you used to be and when 3/4 of your clothes can’t fit! Still in process of losing that weight although situation is more under control.


  • Plantar Fasciitis in Jan, which made it very hard for me to continue running long distance. Hence, the reason why I took up triathlons to lessen the impact on my legs. I also had to give up rock climbing and trail running, both of which I like very much.

But I think the biggest challenge was learning to be patient with myself and listening to my body.

Goals for 2014 (fitness and health):

1. Pull ups. Got a pull up bar as an awesome Christmas pressie. This goal might take longer depending on neck. But I figure a cm forward is better than a metre backward.

2. Gonna focus more on rehab to get that neck under control.

3. Not be lazy and stretch and foam roll more

4. Better run timings if I can, right now, I run just to fulfil my inner lust for cardio purposes. Speed was secondary this year.

5. Experiment with more healthy baking and cooking. I stopped baking for a while after I thought my oven broke down which in fact wasn’t true at all.

6. Revamp this blog. Watch this space soon!

7. Fit into all my old and favorite gym clothes again.

8. Swim properly, think this will be forever ongoing.

9. More yoga. I miss Bikram yoga after my package ended but no choice, am currently in saving mode at the moment.

10. Work on an ebook! Been wanting to do this for the longest time 🙂

What’s your goal this year?


Thanks for reading! 

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One thought on “And 2013 comes to a close… Here’s to 2014!”

  1. JZ Chua says:

    Congrats on your first tri and all the best for your goals! Rmb to not stop working on them! Jiayou! =)

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