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Blogging event at my LIFE INC – Health and Wellness e-retailer

Recently, I was invited to an event held by my LIFE INC. which is a subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International, a leading healthcare and wellness company in Asia.

What they sell:

– Healthy Tea – one of my favs is the teasim – no more fussy teabags

– Healthy Food/Snacks

– Supplements

– Personal Care

– Baby Care and Pet Care

– Lifestyle Gifts





Being the chocolate person, I went to eagerly check out what they had.



Some of the healthier options that included WAY BETTER snacks such as tortilla chips with spouted black beans, RAW ORGANIC’s kale chips and much more.








Now comes my favorite part, as a chocolate lover, I am very particular. Most of the chocolates that are mass produced usually list sugar as the first ingredient in the nutrition label. What does this mean? It means the chocolate is made up more of sugar than cocoa.

* Always look for cocoa as the first ingredient when it comes to chocolate.

Anyway, SEED AND BEAN has one of the best organic dark chocolate that I have tried in a long time. I especially liked the cornish sea salt with extra dark chocolate as I like sweet stuff with a tinge of saltiness for a nice twist. I heard the Chilli & lime was really good as well although I didn’t try as I don’t like spicy stuff.




They also have items for babies which I find particularly handy for gifts to all my mummy friends.



and not forgetting the pets as well.



this one is rather cute, it works as a pacifier. Only thing is you cut a small piece of fruit and put it in the netting to let your bubba suck on it, to get him used to the taste. Especially good if you are trying to get your baby to taste something new for the first time.



Then for the supplement loving people – you don’t have to swallow pills anymore, rather, you ingest by spraying them. One of the clever packs they had was the weight loss pack which I am sure a lot of people are bound to try. DIET AND EXERCISE works best though. This is only to supplement it.



Then they had this funny looking mat which is called the SPOONK, an accupressure massage mat that aims to help with everything including sleep and back pain.Check it out here.




played a game of the using chopsticks to pick up the stones fastest….



Surprisingly, I won. Haha



Tested out more lifestyle stuff like earphones



Very glad to spend the evening with my bestie



and yeah, they do give free delivery on orders above $50 and more. DO use the coupon code mylifepartner20 at checkout for a 20% discount off your purchase – valid till 31 Dec 2013 only.


I think this is a site which I will definitely use to buy some of the healthier foods and lifestyle stuff. Just so you know, a lot of the brands are exclusive, which means you can’t get them elsewhere.


Thanks for reading! 

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3 thoughts on “Blogging event at my LIFE INC – Health and Wellness e-retailer”

  1. ngweilieh says:

    Curious to know how the Kale chips taste – were they savoury and with crisp?

    Not too convinced by the toddler’s teat though , especially since he baby will be sucking and biting on nylon for hours on end. Could end up swallowing nylon bits? Hm..

    Anyhow, nice write up, keep it up!

  2. Vera says:

    those healthy snacks are making me drool!!! 😀
    thanks for sharing your experience there!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Thanks Vera, I like your blog very much! 🙂

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