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Combining Physio and Gym Under One Roof – Radiance PhysioFit

In December last year, I was glad to be invited down to take a look at a new gym with a new concept, combining both physiotherapy services and gym utilities all under one roof.

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Conveniently located within 5 minutes walking from Tanjong Pagar MRT station at AXA Tower, this 12,000 sqf offers its customers ample working out space in the heart of the CBD (Central Business District).

I was very much impressed by the layout of Radiance PhysioFit from the moment I stepped in. It was brightly lit and spacious and welcoming with its cheerful decor decked in citrusy colours of orange and yellows.


Why is it different from other gyms?

It is a one stop health and fitness centre with two goals.

1. Fulfilling Fitness Aspirations

– Its two aerobic studios hold more than 70 classes weekly which include Zumba, Yoga, Cross Core and Muay Thai and ensures that each training session never exceeds 25 participants as it aims to focus on quality, and not quantity training.



– On level 2, it has an impressive area where member have free access to state of the art equipment from Precor and is equipped with AMT machines, the world’s first Multi-modality Cardio machine able to perform running, jogging, stepping, cycling and cross training, and the WaterRower.




– Personal trainers are also able on hand to provide the best advice and custom design a fitness and physiotherapy programme tailored to one’s needs.

2. Injury Prevention for Optimal Physio Health.

The second goal is where it aims to treat and prevent injuries that may occur over the course of your training. Whether you have a chronic injury or need to be evaluated for potential ones, Radiance Physiotherapy centre has a well trained and knowledgeable team that offers a full range of sports specific (recreational & professional) screening and recovery programmes for various injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle tears, whiplash injury and post surgery rehabilitation.



Their approach is based on manual therapy and exercise based rehabilitation aimed at relieving pain and enhancing the tissue healing process which is why it only makes sense to house a gym and physiotherapy centre under one roof. This way, members can train safely and effectively while others who have existing injuries or are currently in rehabilitation can continue maintaining their fitness level while recovering.

* please note that physio and personal training prices are separate from the normal gym rates. Visit their website for their fitness centre rates and physiotherapy rates.

Personal thoughts:

While I didn’t work out at the gym, I had the opportunity to be assessed on my condition by senior physiotherapist Declan, on my neck strain and leg pain. He told me I was having plantar fascitis and that I need more treatments for my neck woes to go away.

I was really satisfied with the session as I now knew which workouts to avoid, types of shoes to wear for arch support, neck exercises for strengthening and prevention and a whole lot more.

After that was the physical assessment by Sonny, the fitness director of Radiance Physiofit with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Being both a physical therapist and personal fitness instructor, he shared his expertise with me on some of the exercises that I could do to strengthen my legs.

For example, instead of normal squats, I should do single leg squats as my left leg was weaker than my right and by doing normal squats, I would only be relying more on one leg than the other. By doing single leg exercises, I would be able to regain balance in both legs. True enough, even without weights, squatting on one leg is tough!

Also, I like the fact that there is an in house cafe that serves healthy grub like protein shakes, salads and more. It’s a convenient way to ensure that you eat after working out to fuel your muscles and it saves you time as well!



Are you joining a gym this year?

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