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EMS Singapore – Cardio and Strength Endurance Training in 20 min – 12-19 Jan 2014

This week was a good week.

Went for my EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) session where I focused on the following:

1. Cardio training combined with strength-endurance.
2. Core – static and dynamic floor exercises for my abs and lower back muscles.

Split into two sessions, I did the first session on a cross trainer where I was hooked up to the machine where waves of electrical impulses were delivered while doing my cardio. Now, it may look easy but believe me it’s not.

Even in a short time of 20mins, I was exerting more energy than I usually do if I were to normally exercise on the cross trainer.




The second session was the floor series where I went through a range of exercises to develop my abdominal and lower back muscles which is important for core stability.



Ensuring I do the poses right


The side plank was tough!


The next day, I could definitely feel that my core area was fatigued. People often overlook strengthening the back and core (esp for runners, as all we wanna do is run, at least for me) but having a good core means more stability and the chances of injury is less.

So for the next few weeks, I definitely want to focus on building up my core and back strength and see if there are any improvements in my runs ūüôā

For those interested in doing an NMES session, go to Powerzeit.

Their pricing are as follows:

Metabolic testing:
$ 150 per test

NMES training:
$ 59 / week  (one personal training session per week, no long-term commitment, no joining fee)
$ 20 for any 2nd or 3rd session per week

In case customer committing 3 months in advance, they include a free metabolic testing.

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