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First Workout of 2014

Feeling pumped as I just came back from my first workout of the year. I feel positive after knowing I did something beneficial for my body on the first day of 2014.

first run of 2014

Did one of my fav workouts which is a round of 2.6km followed by 3×10 tricep dips (repeat 3 times).

Choice of weapon today is one of my favourite shoes which are my Cloud Runners from ON shoes.

On shoes

Total: 7.8 km with 90 tricep dips done 🙂

Some people either waste their workout by either “rewarding” themselves with a huge frappucino or some other food thinking that they have earned it, or they make the mistake of not eating at all for fear of wasting the calories burnt during their workout.

But the truth is, you got to fuel your body the right way. If you don’t feed it, how are your muscles going to grow right? So for my post workout snack, I had a small chocolate protein shake blended with half a banana and added chia seeds at the end.

protein shake with chia seeds

Also, to get me on the right track, I decided to do a little meal prep for tomorrow’s lunch. Made a mixed veggie salad with one whole egg and one egg white. I don’t really like to eat heavily for lunch as it makes me rather sleepy in the afternoon, so this suffices for me.

mixed veg with egg

What workout did you do today?


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5 thoughts on “First Workout of 2014”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good morning Sherly, its heart warming to read your posts as I felt I am totally normal thinking alike about running or exercisin(for me). Let me make a guess, you are working somewhere in the shaw tower?

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yes that’s true. You work nearby?

      1. Anonymous says:

        yup, I’m actually your neighbour on the 14th…..

        1. Sheryl Goh says:

          wow, such a coincidence! Thanks for the kind comments, see you around. 🙂

          1. Anonymous says:

            world can be quite small isn’t it! but I have not see you around probably cos i think we both prefer to tabao lunch from home, hahaha….. would be nice to go for a jog after work, maybe around gardens by the bay 😉

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