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One Thing You Need to do to Stick to Your Goals

So, January is almost halfway through. Still sticking to your  New Year Resolution? Good for you. If not, push through and don’t give up. How?

By setting yourself mini and achievable goals. 

transformation gifIt just takes time 

Some articles to help you if you are struggling to stick to your plan:

1. 3 optimistic things you can do to achieve your goals

2. 5 scientific ways to build habits that stick

In the second article, I really liked the first point which was  – Make “micro quotas” and ” macro goals”. This means

Your goals should be the big picture items that you wish to someday accomplish, but your quotas, are the minimum amounts of work that you must get done every single day to make the bigger goal a reality. Quotas make each day approachable, and your goals become achievable because of this.

Agree much?

Anyway, this week I did hit my mini quotas of being active for 5 days. 

Mon – Hatha Yoga

Tue – Electrical Muscle Stimulation Session ( post to be up soon this weekend!)

Wed – 7 K run and worked on improving back strength

Thur –  Electrical Muscle Stimulation Session ( post to be up soon this weekend!)

Fri – Gonna go for an easy run at fat burning HR zone. Ever since I went for metabolic testing ( see what it is and why its good here) , I have been more conscious of how I train.

Food wise

snack addict anyone feel me?

Haha not so clean here, while I still tried to eat healthy 70% of the time, I also enjoyed Marks & Spencers’ jam and cream cookies (they are evil) , Royce chocolates, and am going for two early reunion dinners on Saturday and Sunday.

But I found a cool place in Milennia Walk, handy for days when you want to eat something light. Their salads are pretty decent but a tad pricey (CBD what.)

Grilled vegetables with smoked duck and pesto sauce

Grilled vegetables with smoked duck and pesto dressing

Tandoori Chicken salad with strawberries and yogurt dressing


Tandoori Chicken with added strawberries and yogurt dressing

So, for next week, my short term quota will be to make a concerted effort to cut out sugar! (see how to cut sugar out here) and maintaining to be active at least 5 x a week

What are your goals for next week?

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