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Chinese New Year aftermath – Getting Back in Shape

This week, I finally went back to work after quite a lengthy break off ( around two weeks, see previous post). So much catching up to do, gosh! But being busy can be a good thing but only if you are doing what you love.

Next week, I will be going through a major change which will lead me to more time for myself. Finally, I can concentrate on doing things that I have a passion about but more on that next time. 🙂

I really felt as if I ate too much this week and it shows on my belly! Even though no one commented ( thank God, or some have said I slimmed down), sometimes you are your biggest critique and are hardest on yourself.

What I did this week to get back on track:

1. I started my EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) sessions again. This week, training incorporated suspension training using the Jungle Gym XT which is highly similar to TRX and the focus of my workout was:


– Intense strength training for upper body for toning and shaping ( I was aching the next day in my triceps area)
– Help to prevent shoulder & neck pains  (learnt that I have to do more pulling than pushing to strengthen my back and lats to help with my shoulder and neck pain)
– Core stabilizing (Could really feel this as well)
– Activate rectus abdominus to assist with “tummy tuck.”



If you are thinking more about trying out EMS, I will be doing a more in-depth post shortly on the validity and the effectiveness of the NMES training, who benefits most from it and the various sustainable regimes for different groups of people.

*If you have any other questions you like to ask, do drop me a line and I will ask the experts at PowerZeit for the answers  🙂

2. I ran twice this week –  8km each time but at an easy pace. I would have run more if not for the fact that I had really bad soreness and tightness in the calves. (Maybe later, I will try again)

3. Nutrition wise, I ate rather healthily this week giving up sweets for the most part but succumbed yesterday when I tried this yummy sea salt and caramel cake at Platypus, Bugis.

IMG_8915why is it so hard to pass up on dessert huh?

So I guess this week was a good week, as there were more yays than nays, the thing is always keep trying and never give up!

In other news:

There is a new SWIM,BIKE,RUN magazine that is FREE!





 Nice to see Metabolic testing which I blogged about previously 




This issue talks about the secrets to faster recovery, conquering open water swimming and proven weight loss tips for athletes.


You can get your free copy at these outlets


Sorry, if its quite blur, if you click and zoom, you will be able to see better 🙂 That and I have to improve my photography skills.

How was your CNY celebrations like? Did you guys do anything active this week?

Thanks for reading! 

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