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Coping With Chinese New Year 2014

It’s that time of the year again, where I celebrate CNY (Chinese New Year). So far, I have had 3 steamboats, 3 lo heis and other visitations where I have seriously indulged in quite a fair bit of nom noms.


 lo hei or Yusheng as it is also known 

Tonight, I will be going for another steamboat session and lo hei. Everything in moderation, I know but it’s so hard! Even though I blogged about how to control festive bingeing and how to diet effectively, there is also another thing called WILL POWER which I am not yet a master of.

On the bright side, it is a year of happiness for me. My bestie took me on a trip to Bali where he proposed. 🙂 (Hmm, maybe I should do a post on workouts for brides to be)



We spent four lovely days in Bali, Ubud and stayed in this place called Nandini Bali Resort & Spa where each villa is situated on the gentle slopes of the Balinese jungle, 600m above sea level. Slightly cooler than the usual tropical weather, you will also wake up to fresh air and nature all around you as you explore the place. To get from one level to another, you can opt to walk the stairs or use the gondola.

nandini bali resort and spa





 Could spend all day here!

Besides that, we had a field day at the Water bom park  (awesome pool and slide haven, think six flags but on water), Bali Zoo, Reptile Park, Water temple and just chilling out.

We got back just in time for CNY and that was where the feasting continued. I did try to workout as much as I can, hitting the gym, pool and all, but I do miss my yoga and EMS sessions which I have temporarily stopped for two weeks.

I hate that I have to pick up from where I left, as I feel that I have been making progress but these two weeks have been a “break” for me. Nevertheless, it happens and we just have to start again rather than not doing anything at all.

I did however, and am continuously trying to correct and work on my form when performing squats.

I really need to get back on track, starting this Monday.

What did you get up to this Chinese New Year? Binged much or have you been good?


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