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How EMS Benefits You and Me

Ever since I began my sessions with EMS (wanted to try out how it works), I got a few questions from friends and readers asking for more info so here goes:

This post is quite lengthy on EMS benefits so I will try to structure it so that it won’t wear your brains out.



People with little time Since one workout takes 20 minute, one can get the same results in a far quicker time then a traditional work-out.
People with injuries EMS helps people who recover from injuries, have arthritis or other skeletal problems to stay active as it is low impact
People who lack or need motivation Unlike weight exercises in a gym, there is no constant battle between mind and flesh. Once in the training routine, the body will enjoy a proper work-out without any deviation and way out.
Motorically challenged people The movements to be performed can be easily done even from people who never enjoyed any physical fitness or have even additional some weight problems
People with posture problems , muscle imbalances and back pain Many studies show the beneficial effects of EMS to back pain and strengthening the core muscles. These muscles are often responsible for bad posture and shoulder pain, which is very common among office workers.

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Sustainable regime for different target groups

Serious Athlete Once a week for 20 min replacing the resistance training in his work-out regime is good. Twice a week is better. Three times is not necessarily best but when carefully designed, it could bring a limited additional benefit. I can’t see a reason for daily strength training of the same muscles. The muscles need recovery time and time for growth. This cannot be sped up. There is even the risk of the muscle being over-trained so that the muscle is not strengthened at all.Any athletes that require power of speed like golfers or sprinters can benefit greatly from EMS training to increase their performance.
Weekend Warriors Weekend warriors enjoy their activities like golf or basketball etc. but generally are not so focused on fitness in itself. So they see their visits in the gym only as a supporting but necessary measure of their other activities. Usually, the male population wants to see results fast, so they would have to have 2 X a week a for the first 4-8 weeks. Thereafter one training per week is sufficient for their targets.
Busy People The same training schedule as for the weekend worrier applies to busy people. The strength work-out should be complemented by cardio vascular exercises (swim/bike/run). The idea is to first get your muscles conditioned sufficiently before adding slightly more injury prone exercises like running.Some other advice would be to get a metabolic check-up to determine the individual training zones (measured in heart rate) so that their training is efficient and injury free.

So after reading the above, you ask yourself is it true? Are the claims valid?

Read these academic research to see what the various universities and institutes have to say

German Sport University, Cologne

“Because of the clear-cut advantages in time management, especially when whole-body EMS is used, we can expect this method to see the increasing use in high-performance sports”

University of Illinois:

“Through these two studies, it is evident that electrical muscle stimulation training does yield positive results for athletes. Both studies concluded that EMS training at high intensities can increase strength in the muscle groups that were focused on during training. However, EMS training cannot improve sport-specific skills or activities like sprinting that require numerous muscle groups”


Institute for Sport and Health, University College Dublin:

“These results suggest that NMES can be used in an obese population to induce an effective cardiovascular exercise response. In fact, the observed increase in energy expenditure induced by 1 h of NMES is clinically important and comparable with that recommended in weight management programs.”


Univ. College Dublin, School of Physiotherapy and Performance Science

“Prolonged electrical muscle stimulation exercise improves strength and aerobic capacity in healthy sedentary adults”



“These results suggest that EMS can be used in sedentary adults to improve physical fitness. It may provide a viable alternative to more conventional forms of exercise in this population.”
Anyway, I think that there is only so much you can read and I am a strong believer that you have to try something out first before making up your mind on it. So far, it has been helpful to my workout regimes, but I don’t limit my workouts to just EMS and I do other sports as well.

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Thanks for reading! 

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