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Why Running Makes Me Happy

After reading this on Buzzfeed, about 37 happiest things you see while running a marathon, I can only cement the fact that I love running.


and will always do so.

Here are other reasons why I like running :

1. I don’t answer to anyone. There is no stress. I get to choose whether I wanna get my ass kicked that day or just do an easy LSD. My choice.

2. It’s FOC. Meaning you can do it anywhere. So convenient. All you need is a good pair of shoes and proper workout clothes

3. It allows me to think. When the world is whizzing by so fast, and there are things to do and errands to be run, I hardly get time to think deeply. It’s always have to do this, have to meet that person, etc…  Lots of things that need to be thought about get relegated at the back of my mind. Running allows me to ponder stuff and fluff. 


4. It makes me feel I am fast even though I prob am not (cos I am passing by people who are walking, haha).

5. I feel good about myself knowing I did something active for the day



6. I like pushing myself and sprinting allows me to do so. I like HIITS and fartleks. Fun Fun Fun 🙂

What are your favorite reasons to run?


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