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A Morning Well Spent – Sundown Marathon Charity Event

It was a heart warming saturday morning where the Sundown Marathon Charity ambassadors spent some time with the children from Life Community Services Society and the athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council.

spending a saturday morning with the kids


We had an introduction to the beneficiaries of the Sundown Marathon 2014 and also to gain a better understanding of what these societies were about. It is really endearing to see how, despite physical challenges, the love for sports was captured in the hearts and minds of each and every one of them. This made me think twice of not making up excuses whenever I don’t feel like working out!

We proceeded to the open space area for some games and activities led by Mr Edwin Ong, General Manager of Polar (official training computer and watch). Excitement was in the air as we teamed up with the kids for a morning workout.

sundown with love 2

Man, these kids are really zealous! So often, we just go through the motions of working out but these kids brought me back to carefree days. We played catch and other circuits and drills, encouraging each other and applauding everyone’s effort.

sundown with love 4


Edwin encouraging the kids

sundown with love 3

he worked it like a pro!

sundown with love 7

Being led enthusiastically, love it!

sundown with love 1

teamwork yo

sundown with love 8

Isaac with the kids ( read his blog here )

We still had bootcamp for the adults. I think it’s such a good way to keep fit and have fun at the same time (knowing everyone is “suffering” with you, haha)

sundown marathon training 3

what’s bootcamp without squats

sundown marathon training

or push ups

sundown marathon training 4

sundown marathon training 2

sundown with love 5

Met Jason Chee, Singapore’s representative for table tennis

sundown with love 6

With the awesome athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council.

sundown marathon charity ambassadors

The Sundown Charity Ambassadors

sundown marathon 2014

I feel really blessed to be able to spend time with such wonderful people, who reminded me that things can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. Nothing gets in their way of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle and so I would also like to beseech you guys to do your bit and donate.

It doesn’t take much really. Money from a coffee from Starbucks, lunch money, a new dress, etc. All contributions no matter how big or small makes a difference.

Please go to and spread the love 🙂

or share this post in whatever way you can.

Thank you and much love 🙂

God bless.


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