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Forest Adventure Review – 5 Reasons why it’s Awesome Fun!

Had an amazing time at Forest Adventure last Sunday with my bestie and friends. This place is a must go for those seeking a new kind of fun in Singapore. Nicely nestled at Bedok Reservoir, Forest Adventure makes you feel like you are far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life and off for some treetop fun!

We did the Grand Course which consisted of 34 obstacles and 4 zip lines but first, a demo and safety briefing was in order to ensure we knew how to use the harness and equipment. This is extremely important as the course is unguided except for instructors on ground.

helmet fitting

practising fastening

instructor giving the briefing

So here are my five reason why Forest Adventure is awesome fun:

Reason 1 – It’s different from the usual workouts you do.

After the briefing, we were off to Site 1. I thought it would be quite easy but boy, was I wrong. So often, we are used to doing a certain type of workout and when we are faced with doing something else, our my body tends to be thinking :” What are you doing to me? This is not how we roll! ” Going up the ladder proved a slight challenge for me as I had to use both my balance and strength to pull myself up each rung. And I haven’t even began the obstacles yet. Sheepish grin*

hehe, I let Charmaine go first

Reason 2 – It challenges your balancing and coordination skills.

black circle = hard routes

This one was difficult, you have to swing your body to to get to one log from another while maintaining balance.

After a while, the body adapts and you slowly get the hang of things. That is until the second site, which consists of black routes which were hard and challenging! Not only do you have to maintain balance, you also have to try and use your body weight to swing across to get to the other beams to get across. Arm ache alert!

Reason 3 – It’s a good way to bond with friends

always take selfies wherever we are, cos that’s what bffs do.

We roughly took about 2.5 hours to complete the whole course which included briefing time. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your friends and family, encouraging each other on the different routes and more. There is also a kid’s course for the young uns to have fun too. Much better than computer games I say.

Reason 4 – You get a solid work out

tiring going up and down

lost my balance a bit on this obstacle

fared better on this one

We were all aching the next day though, mostly on the upper body but every single sore muscle was worth it. We were totally tired man, I mean, I go to the gym, run and all but this kind of tests you in a different way. Lots of co-ordination, balancing and strength work were essential and boy, the balancing part really tested us but in a good way.

Reason  5 – Saving the best for last, the zip lines!

It’s not often one gets to glide effortlessly through the breeze, enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel totally alive at the same time. To get from one site to another, you have to use the zip line, which is one of my favorite parts of the course. There are two ways to land, the glamorous “land on your feet” kind or the “butt landing”. No points for guessing how the three of us landed each and every time.

Forest Adventure is rather easy to get to. There are a number of buses from Bedok Interchange and you alight around 5 stops later opposite Clearwater Condo and from there, it is a 400m (approx) walk to the site.

Hehe, love the look on the instructor’s face, classic.

*Special thanks to Wei Siang and Squid for taking such loving pictures and being so helpful!*

Have you been to Forest Adventure? How was your experience?

Thanks for reading! 

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    You’re welcome! Happy you enjoyed yourself!
    Great post by the way! =)

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