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The Key to Healthy and Hygienic Lenses

There’s a funny anecdote when it comes to caring for contact lenses. A woman is called out to her garden where her son has been playing basketball. The son sheepishly admits that he has lost his contact lens and that he has looked everywhere. Within five minutes of looking in the garden, the mother comes in triumphantly with the lens. ‘How did you find it’ asks the boy? Easy, his mother replies, ‘you were looking for a piece of plastic; I was looking for 150 dollars.’ Ensuring we don’t lose them is just one form of contact lens care; however, taking care to keep them clean is just as important as this.



photo by : Malkav

In terms of contact lens care from a cleanliness point of view, there are several dos and don’ts that are easily followed, but absolutely essential to keeping healthy eyes and making sure that the contact lenses work at an optimum level. If you commit to using long term contact lenses, such as monthly or yearly ones, which do have their advantages, you must also make a commitment to cleaning them well. An eyecare professional will be able to help you understand exactly how to care for your lenses, for example, how much saline solution you need to clean them, but there are a few things that can be done without an expert opinion.



photo by איתן טל

There are lots of examples of good contact lens care ensuring they stay clean and well cared for, including; washing your hands before putting them in, only using them for the amount of time they were prescribed for and always using the same lens in the same eye. On the other hand, there are many things that should be avoided, such as; using old or expired solution, or having other substances come into contact with your lenses.

Well cared for lenses lead to healthy, white eyes, free from any problems such as conjunctivitis. However for those who forget, or do not have enough time, to care for their lenses, there is an alternative option in daily contact lenses.


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