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The Last Week of Feb 2014

This week has been pretty good with eating right and working out. I have more time than ever on my hands so am making the most while I can right now because March and April is going to be super busy for me.

So this is my workout log for the week:

Mon  – Did a 1.5hr session. I am always amazed at how inflexible I am. Urgh.

Tue – Had my EMS training in the morning followed by a 8km run in the evening. This EMS session ( moderate interval cardio interval) really worked my back and I had a different suit on which only concentrated on the upper body ( emphasis of electricity to my mid back section)

2014-02-25 17.04.32

Wed – Did a nice leisure swim. (15 laps, 45 min) My back and arms were pretty sore from yesterday and I didn’t feel like running at all.

Thur – My last session with EMS 🙁 – Did a Standing Core training that worked the spinal muscles, lats, glutes and hamstrings. ( see benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation here )




I did a lot of the Good Morning, & single leg deadlift (assisted) & balance poses, although it looks easy in the picture, try doing it with the impulses sent through your body! 🙂
Also went for a run again as this time I am starting to train for the Sundown Marathon although I will only be doing the 10km as there is insufficient time to train properly for a full or 21k.
sundown marathon training
Cooled down after the run
sundown marathon 2014
Super hot day – there has been no rain for like a high number of days!
sundown singapore
happy sweat – the result of a good run 

Fri – Rest day

Weekends – Another run and swim 🙂

On the whole, this last week of Feb has been pretty productive and am looking forward to working out more next week! Since my wedding is in May, this is the perfect time and opportunity to get in shape! It’s really hard sometimes to stay focused but I try to visualise my short and long term goals.

I find it easier to break it up into milestones rather than feel discouraged that I still have a long way to go but I choose to see how far I have come instead.

What are your plans this weekend?

Share your two cents worth!


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