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Munch Singapore Review

So the other day, I went to Munch at Westgate Mall at Jurong East. Wow, I have never ventured into the West area for a long time and I was impressed! With so many shops and eateries there, one hardly needs to go to town for a day of shopping. Oh the envy.

Anyway, my mission was to go to Munch located at B2. Besides this outlet, they have various ones spread across the city with the flagship shop at Robinson Road.

munch singapore

Over here, they serve a wide array of salads and rostisserie meals to choose from. Me and my bestie were stumped for choices but we opted for a main with two sides salads each.

munch singapore salads and meat

so many salads – which one to choose?

Meal one – salmon with 2 sides , coleslaw and tuna pasta salad -$11.90


Meal 2 – Chicken with pumpkin spinach and pear feta salad – $9.90

I like clean eating and try to eat as healthily as possible so they both got my thumbs up for freshness and taste. Whoever said clean eating had to be boring? The salmon was nicely done and the portion size was generous, I didn’t feel hungry at all till like 7pm and I had this before noon!

The chicken was tender and not tough and of course, my favorites were the salads.

munch sg

Choose your mains


Very reasonable pricing indeed


Spoilt for choices, I am told that in the bigger outlets there can be up to 20 salads to choose from. Definitely gonna steal some ideas to try at home too!




They have been around for quite a few years and just opened this store not too long ago. I really am happy that there are more healthy eating options available given the fact that Singaporeans are taking a positive stance towards embracing a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Eating out no longer means chowing down on greasy food (although once in a while is fine), and I welcome more additions like this to our F&B scene.

I would probably pay a visit next time to the other stores to see if the consistency of the taste is maintained but from what I see, this shouldn’t be a problem.

So if you are in the area at Westgate Mall, do give this wholesome deli a try!

healthy cafes in singapore


What other healthy eating places do you know off? Please share! 



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