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Perfect Pairings Part 2

Remember my perfect pairing post on (read more here),

1. Exercise and Diet

exercise and diet

2. Strength training and Cardio

3. Protein and Carbs

4. Running and Stretching

5. Running and Cross Training

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to received a perfect pairing box filled with activities. This was to let us know that the Shell “tissue box promotion” is back again!

From 3rd March to 27th April 2014, drivers will receive a free Shell tissue box by spending a min $50 on Shell fuels and presenting their Shell Escape Card, they can redeem instant prizes such as vouchers for Meiji Milk, JWEL ice cream and more. See more details on contest here.

Anyway, back to part 2:

I want to talk about recovery and prevention.

More often than not, after missing a few days or weeks of training even, we tend to try to jump back on the wagon by pushing ourselves in the first workout that we start again.

This is not a good idea in my opinion because, this will increase our chances of injury and that my friends, will lead to us sitting out on our activities altogether.


Recovery is an all important aspect of one’s training. If you don’t give yourself time to recover, how are you going to work out properly the next time?

how i feel after a hard day’s worth of workout

Listen to your body, if you are still mighty sore from a workout after a day’s rest (even though you thought that you would have recovered by now), by all means take another day off.  (I am talking barely able to walk or lift your arms kind of sore, not tiny residual soreness)

Also, please eat to recover. Don’t cut calories just because you think that your workout is going to waste by eating after your run/exercise. You need to replenish (just not with ice cream okie) Unless it’s a super long distance, than go for it.


sometimes this is what i want haha


This is another important part and the way to prevent injury besides practising proper form is to STRETCH!

I cannot emphasise this enough, if you don’t stretch before a workout, (I prefer dynamic to static stretches pre workout) , you are setting your body up for potential injury, and if you don’t stretch after your workout, you risk your muscles tightening and not in a good way.


Sometimes, I am lazy and this laziness is what led me to having tight calves and injury that is still going on. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have spent more time stretching and stretching.

So remember, recovery and prevention is something that everyone should practise 🙂





One thought on “Perfect Pairings Part 2”

  1. nws says:

    I like your next post on “pairing” from your first post last year!
    Recovery and prevention is a very important pair for us doing sports activities.

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