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Training for the Sundown Marathon 2014

So recently, I have been blessed to be one of Sundown Marathon’s charity ambassadors.

sundown marathon charity ambassadors

We want to raise funds for the four major beneficiaries which are: (see previous post here to find out more)

– Hand-Cycling Association fo Singapore (HAS)

– Life Community Services Society (LCSS)

– Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)

– Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD)

But in addition, I have been training like mad the last week because I want to have a good run on that day too. Even though, it’s only 10km, it’s hard when you have injuries hindering your runs. It may be boring but here is what I did last week :

Mon : run 1 hour followed by weights (arms)

Tue: crosstrainer 1hour followed by weights (legs)

Wed: Rest Day (was terribly sore from leg day, jump squats are a b***ch))

Thur: Swim 20 laps and weights (back)


chilling after my laps


Loving an empty pool!

Fri: crosstrain 1 hour and weights (arms)

Sat : Ran 30min followed by legs again

Sun: Rest Day

As you can see, I didn’t really run a lot. That’s because the right foot is starting to hurt as well and I haven’t even healed on the left. Lucky I had a follow up session with Dr Chua for a second ESWT (see more here) treatment. The first one was pretty good as the tightness in the left foot had subsided but it lasts for approx 3 weeks (in my case), we treated the right one as well this time around. This was on a friday and come saturday, I did a 30min run and it held up pretty well. I wasn’t hurting at the part ( just lower of the bunion and arch ) which normally would have throbbed while running.

I am hopeful that it will hold up for a few weeks before I see him again. That said, I know the importance of calf stretching and have to remind myself to diligently do them. Always stretch and you prevent injuries from happening, that and good form of course.

*note: unfortunately, flat footed people like me are more prone to these type of injuries… sigh. So you really have to stretch and take good care of your legs okay and try to change the way you run if you over pronate a lot.

I know I haven’t been writing very interesting posts, but this is just what it is. I log my workouts here as a motivation to myself and to chronicle my life long journey to staying as fit and healthy as I can. So if you are still here and reading this, thank you for your interest 🙂

Much Love.


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