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How the Samsung S5 Helps You Get Fit

I am not that diligent when it comes to tracking my fitness stuff. Sure, I know the days I exercise, what I did, my times for my runs and all but when it comes to details like heart rates, steps taken in a day, hours slept or even calories in my food, I am a 2/10.

So, imagine my apprehension when I got the new Samsung S5 and Gear 2 to review (Thanks Samsung!). I mean, if i were not diligent then, what makes me want to type in data now?

Well, the answer is…… because it SO EASY.

samsung s5 singapore

This is the Samsung S5 and the Gear 2

There are so many features that it would take a long blog post to mention every one in detail so I am giong to focus on the main point which is the S health app I love!

S Health App samsung s5

The S Health App

1. Take your HR at anytime

2. Personal workout plan

3. Apps to help you get started –

4. Inbuilt pedometer

5. Meal tracker to ensure you eat well ( you can even take photos and upload them)

samsung s5 s health


samsung s5 singapore

 “Coach assesses my current lifestyle and recommends improvements and challenges”. – My lifestyle score, not too bad. Based on this score, you can set goals accordingly.

I also liked that it is lightweight, water and dust resistant. Very handy when it comes to doing sports or if it suddenly rains heavily.

Also, there are many apps available for download to further help you reach your fitness goals like RunKeeper and Skimble which features many workouts that you can do at home or at the gym.

SGP00217002 - S5 Health Card 138x70_R6_p-08


Next is the Gear 2


There are three Samsung Gear devices that you can use – Gear fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo but again we are focusing on what I am using at the moment – the Gear 2

My first smart watch – I feel like inspector gadget!

The Gear 2 is designed to sync with Samsung phones, so whatever data you have eg: pedometer and all, you can transfer it back to the S5.

I tracked my sleeping patterns easily by pushing the start button when I was ready to go to bed.

samsung gear 2

 These were my sleep patterns for three days – looks like I am getting enough sleep 🙂

It even has a camera to take photos on the go and you can pair it with a bluetooth headphone should you wish to leave your Samsung at home but still want to listen to music and clock your runs.

Also, you can set the watch’s run settings as a coach, choose your preferred training level and time and off you go. It told me when to start running faster or slow down based on the inbuilt HRM and customised training program I chose.

What I like is that whatever you capture on the Gear 2 (if you are using the pedometer), it will be reflected on your Samsung mobile as well.

pedometer samsung singapore

It is preset to a goal of 10,000 steps a day and I have made it a goal to achieve that daily. Almost there!

I only have had the Samsung Gear 2 and S5 for a week and this is what I discovered so far, I will be writing more indepth of the other cool functions, Galaxy gifts and Galaxy life privileges available in my upcoming posts.

Anyone using the Gear 2 or S5? 

note: This post is sponsored by Samsung


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