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R6i and A5i Klipsch Earphones Review

I was blessed with two Klipsch earphones of late and wanted to share with you what I thought about them.
The two models I received were the A5i Sport and the R6i and so decided to do a Klipsch earphones review for you guys.

About Klipsch :

One of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, has been building premium speakers since 1946. Since the early days, Klipsch has grown significantly, selling hundreds of premium sound solutions—from tiny headphones to massive professional cinema systems—in order to meet the needs of every lifestyle, application and budget. (taken from website)

A5i Klipsch Review (SGD255)

Klipsch R5i earphones

The lime green and grey earphones are indeed sporty looking and runners or those looking to listen to music while playing sports will surely like the lightweight and flex wire design of this product. From classical to heavy bass music, they did not disappoint me at all.

I wasn’t a big fan of clip on earphones preferring earbuds when running but these proved extremely comfortable as I could choose how deep I wanted to position the earphones in my ear.

Apparently, you can answer calls hands-free but I have yet to try this function. What I also liked were the 3 button remote where one can forward, playback or pause a track.The moisture/sweat resistant of this earphone is also a plus point for those who tend to sweat more than others. After running a few k, it proved stable and did not fall out once.

What else is in the box:  protective carrying case, four different sized ear tips and includes two year warranty.

It also offers control of the following apple products. (although I am told android users can still use them)

klipsch earphones review

3 button control and flexible wire design.


klipsch a5i review

Thanks to hubs for being the ear model

Pros : 

  • Sweat resistant
  • Flexible design for customised fit
  • Music experience is enhanced
  • Sporty colour (unless green or magenta is not your thing)
  • Did not come off during running


  • 3 button control a tad too long
  • Pricey for those on a budget


R6i Klipsch (SGD169) – A new model improved from the award winning S4i.


Image from

This is my favorite though, as it is super comfortable and lightweight. Love the white colour although black is also available.

Klipsch R6i earphones

r6i earphones


Also armed with a three button remote and mic, this proved fuss free when running with these babies. I liked how the cable wires were tangle resistant, meaning no longer do I have to spend time undoing knots in my earphone wires. The difference between a normal headphone (the ones I get from buying an iphone) and this can really be heard/felt. Each note was crisper and clearer and I must say, I enjoyed my run more although the A5i is still the best choice for sports.


 four different sized earbuds for a customised fit


  • Lightweight, durable (constructed from aluminium and elastomer)
  • Patented contour ear tips for maximum comfort (superior noise isolation)
  • Flat tangle resistant cable
  • 6.5mm drivers incorporating a Dual Magnet, Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker design.

I think it’s best used on planes to drown out babies crying, unwanted noises and whatnots, travelling or just chilling to your own beats.


  • Not for the budget conscious

Couldn’t find much cons (not that I am looking), they are simply awesome earphones at a premium price for those who are looking to enjoy their music from an award winning sound maker.

r6i klipsch

Hoped the Klipsch Earphones Review came in handy for those considering a new set of headphones.

Visit their fan page here or Tat Chuan Acoustic who is the exclusive distributor for Sonos and Klipsch.


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