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Sundown Marathon 2014 in 2 Weeks!

I admit I am in a bit of a panic mode. That’s because of the Sundown Marathon 2014 taking place on 31st May. That means I have less than 14 days to really get in shape! 🙁 Initially, I was doing quite well, going for regular runs but in April, I went to Perth, attended a wedding in Cocos Keeling, held my own wedding a week ago (that’s 6 weeks in total) and so had very little time to run.

Squeezing in a run here and there helped a bit but I am definitely not feeling race ready at the moment. Lucky for me, I wisely opted to do the 10km run instead of the full or half as I knew that I wouldn’t have time to train properly for those distances.

So in two weeks, here’s what I can do to ensure that I don’t struggle all the way to the finish line.

sundown marathon banner

*Note: this is not for beginners who have just started out running. I am doing this because I think I already have some form of base mileage.

Here’s the plan:

Am aiming to do at least a long run, an interval, coupled with cross trainer (for my knees) and strength training for my core.

My previous time : 10km – 67min +/- Hoping to improve.

Best time : 10km – 52min

Target time : 60-62 min

18th Sun – My first run in three weeks or so. Gonna test how far I can run for an hour.

From there, am going to slowly increase my mileage by no more than 10% each week.

Wish me luck!

Anyway, for those interested, here is how the front and back of this year’s Sundown Marathon 2014 race tee looks like.

sundown marathon race tee 2014 front


sundown marathon race tee 2014 back


And for those who want some information about the race:

Race date: 31 May 2014

Venue : F1 Pit Building

Race Flag Off Timings: 2230 hr – 10km

2330 hr – Full Marathon

0030 hr – Half Marathon (do note it’s past midnight so it’s 1 June)


Email: [email protected]

+65 63404204

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