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A Week on Cocos Keeling Islands

I have not been updating my blog lately because I was away for almost a month in Perth and the Cocos Keeling islands but now that I am finally back, expect more posts than usual 🙂

For those not familiar, Cocos (Keeling) islands is made up of 27 islands and is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean some 2750km north-west of Perth, and 900km west south-west of Christmas Island. It’s not a place where one would normally choose for vacation despite it being a tropical paradise, only because it is rather expensive to get to and quite secluded. The only way to get there is via Virgin Australia from Perth and only on certain days.


Landing is dependent on the weather and there has been many times where planes have been diverted elsewhere.

Anyway, I had a great opportunity to spend a week there because Sam’s sister was getting married on this lovely island. We stayed at a holiday bungalow called the Lagoon while the rest of the bridal party were nicely settled on various accommodation all over the island.


 One of the nicer accommodations


 sitting on a giant clam


just one of the many selfies taken

Cocos is really small. There isn’t even a proper fencing area on the runway. We would just stand on the road and watch as planes took off and landed. I liked how there isn’t any internet or telco connection as well. It’s funny seeing SOS calls only on my phone haha. If you wanted the internet, you would have to pay a lot for an hour and even then , the speed is not worth it.


Plane taking off – no fences


 bus stop that’s hardly in use


Sunset from where we stayed


It is a 20min ferry ride from the main island and one of the best places to snorkel! Honestly, what I saw snorkelling was equivalent to a diving trip somewhere else. The water was so clear and we saw reef sharks, trigger fish and so much more just doing that. Called the rip, the strong current pretty much rips you across the reefs, so weak swimmers should always be accompanied by others.


after snorkelling, we chilled and lazed at this awesome beach


trying to practise a yoga pose #quitefail

IMG_9991love this tree!


The island had so much hermit crabs, it was insane! I loved following these little buggers, and picked one up to see its insides. Felt quite bad traumatising them though.






Witnessing the perfect beach wedding kiss


After the ceremony, this was the beach it was held at. I have never seen such beautiful cloud formations that were so breath-taking…


Couldn’t resist taking photo with such a nice background.


The next day, we went on a kayak tour to the other islands, snorkel, lunch and drink while chilling in the water watching the sunset.



Really clear waters!






Heading back at sunset, I really didn’t know which direction to look at. The moon was behind and in front the sun was setting, everywhere you turned, you marvelled.



I really enjoyed my stay and wished I had more time and money to do more things. We definitely will come back though but for now, another exciting event on the way, our wedding in a weeks time!  Is it funny that I am not the least bit stressed? I keep thinking there are things to be done but I can’t think of any that needs doing.

To me, I don’t mind if the wedding sequence is off, that things are not perfect or well organised, I am just happy that the people I love are all present and everyone is having a good time.

More updates soon!  In the meantime, urgh, I have to resume training for sundown marathon and getting my fitness back.

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