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8 Healthy Alternatives to Consider Buying at the Supermarket

When it comes to grocery shopping, the age-old advice holds true, ” Never shop on an empty stomach”. You will definitely end up buying more than you originally set out to buy. On days where we are making wise choices however, I realised that I get kind of bored with the usual healthy snacks and food that always end up in my basket.

So I went supermarket browsing to look for healthy alternatives when buying my groceries.

1. Adams Peanut Butter instead of normal peanut butter

adams peanut butter

Got introduced to this by a friend. While most peanut butter contains sugar and other ingredients, Adams peanut butter has only ONE ingredient >>> Peanuts


adams peanut butter nutrition value

You can see the natural oils at the top of the jar. You just have to use a knife to incorporate it fully into the rest of the peanut butter.

adams peanut butter oil

2. Red beans instead of baked beans

red beans


baked beans

While both are good for you because of all the protein and other nutrients, I would go for red kidney beans as they have less sugar ( 9.2 gm vs 4 gm per serving) and fill you up more.

3. Natural Chick peas instead of canned chick peas
chick peas

Both are a good choice and one of my meal staples in my pantry. A can is so convenient to have when you need something quick, fast and filling. Just toss with olive oil, cayenne/paprika and a dash of garlic salt and you have a ready snack.

But if you have time to spare, get the uncooked chickpeas and prepare them yourself. It contains less sodium for sure.

chickpeas natural

Simply soak overnight and then boil them afterwards.


4. Plain or greek yogurt instead of flavored yogurt

greek yogurt


I love greek yogurt and plain yogurt! They contain more protein and less sugar. I also have control over the stuff I put in, like fresh fruit or nut toppings. It’s really healthier this way than flavored yogurt and not to mention, good for the gut too.

plain yogurt

5. Wraps instead of bread


Sometimes, when I get bored with bread, I look to wraps to save the day.  I like that there are many varieties of flavors to choose from and somehow, they seem to be able to contain more fillings.

nutritional value of wraps

The nutritional value of wraps are not bad too.


6. Rice milk for a dairy free alternative which ain’t soy

rice milk


rice milk nutritional value


Some of us are lactose intolerant and we usually go for soy milk as an alternative. I like rice milk and unsweetened almond milk more than soy to be honest. It is good for making smoothies as well. My only grouse is that they are more expensive.

7. Green tea mixed with roasted rice for a more earthy flavor and if you are sick of green tea

green tea with rice


Everyone knows green tea is good for you, but for a more roasted and earthy flavor, try green tea mixed with roasted rice. It’s especially good after a heavy meal.

8. Brown rice crisps instead of potato chips

Because we all need some snacks every now and then, this is an alternative to very salty nachos and other salted snacks.

rice crisps


rice crisps nutritional value

rice crisps variety


What other alternatives do you guys have when it comes to healthy food choices at the supermarket?



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