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Sundown Marathon 2014 Recap

This is my first and last race of 2014.

In Singapore that is.

Come end of June, I will be relocating to Perth so I am really thankful for the opportunity to be one of Sundown Marathon’s 2014 Charity Ambassadors. It’s been so great knowing everyone involved and making new friends, but most importantly, raising money and awareness for selected charities.

sundown marathon charity ambassadors

I completed the run in 70min (estimated and am pretty happy with the outcome even though I set an ambitious target of 60-62min. I realised that being race ready is crucial if you want to have a good run, there is no point in signing up for a long distance run when you KNOW that you don’t have time to train. That is why I chose the 10km, because I knew I would be away for sometime and was also busy getting ready for transitions in my life.

sundown marathon singapore

Pardon the bad picture taking. As you can see runners arriving at the F1 pit building, going to the baggage areasundown marathon

Ample toilets for runners, didn’t have to wait long at all

trusty shoes

I chose to use my Reeboks this time as most of my sport shoes have been sent to Perth 🙂

sundown marathon 2014

Photo taken from official FB page

Here’s the pretty cool LED start line. Cannot imagine how many runners run past this with different goals in mind. Kudos to everyone, be it their first or umpteenth race.

timing pens

One of the neon light up markers for the full and half marathon runners. This is pretty good timing I must say. One day…..


My view from where I was

sundown marathon 2014

With my buddy Alvin, so glad to have company since Sam wasn’t able to run this with me.


Thumbs up to the very innovative and interesting costumes. They made the run more festive and vibrant.

sundown marathon 2014 1

Before the race

sundown marathon 2014 singapore

After. Covered in sweat, I was hot but happy with the run.

I took the first 5km rather slowly as I let the more zealous runners blaze past me. I knew from experience that I generally do a negative split whenever I run. I don’t like to weave in and out passing runners as this makes me expand more energy. I like to conserve and go all out at the second half. (see how to run smart and enjoy your race)

True enough, I managed to do just that, going from a 7-8min/km to 5ishmin-6.5/km (eyeballing once again but estimated according to Garmin) Averaged out to be 7.14min per km. Pretty satisfied considering past injuries and not running consistently.

sundown marathon 2014

met up with my bestie and her friends who were doing the half marathon at half past midnight. Kinda glad I could go home now.


With all her half marathoners, hope everyone did well with no cramps! (photobomber alert!)

sundown marathon 2014 medal - front

The finisher medal for 10km – front and back

sundown marathon 2014 medal - back

So that concludes the only race I will be doing in Singapore for 2014. Am pretty excited to take part in future runs with my hubs in Perth. I got my eye set on City to Surf which we did together bout 4 years ago. I love running in colder climates because I cool down easier and don’t sweat as much as it’s less humid as well.

 How was your Sundown Marathon 2014 experience?


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One thought on “Sundown Marathon 2014 Recap”

  1. the explorer says:

    I ran the full marathon and my first ‘overseas’ run, ever! Glad I did 😉 Oh and good luck in Perth! Do visit my blog when you get the chance..

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