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Tri-Swim – Aqua Therapy to get Rid of Chlorine for your Skin and Hair

Have you heard of TRISWIM? It’s a range of hair and body products specially designed to get rid of chlorine for your skin and hair. I usually don’t wear a swimming cap (vain lah) so I get lots of chlorine in my hair which is pretty hard to wash off and the chlorinated smell usually remains thereafter too.

So when the folks at sg gave me some samples to try, I thought why not…

triswim review

 Triswim singapore – They have a bundle for all four at $59.90 $73.60  , you can order here.

These are my personal thoughts after regular use of two weeks.

Shampoo ($17.90 236ml) – claims to gently remove chlorine, odor, salt water and green tint, enriched with organic aloe vera and Provitamins B5 & A

Conclusion : My favorite of the lot, usually after washing I can still feel the chemical/chlorine residue still in my hair but this shampoo actually got rid of it all. It helped that it was quite nice smelling too, a very familiar scent but I just can’t put my finger on it though. 

Conditioner ( $19.90 236ml) – Leaves hair shiny, soft, happy, and healthy

Conclusion : Not like your usual conditioner, it’s a bit more gummier whereas normal conditioner is softer but am thinking it has more protein ‘ why. It left my hair quite soft I must say but not much difference to normal conditioner. Maybe if I use it more regularly, I would be able to tell the difference. 

Body Wash ($17.90 236ml) – claims to gently remove chlorine, odor, salt water

Conclusion : This is good, more water like than body wash/gel, it helped me to get rid of the dreadful chlorine smell and harsh chemical feel on my body (the one where your skin is dry to the touch) after coming out of the pool and towelling dry.

Body Lotion ($17.90 236ml) – Restores, hydrates & nourishes dry skin

Conclusion : I don’t usually use body lotion so the dry skin at my shins really soaked this one up. Left a velvety smooth finish that wasn’t too greasy. Not too bad a scent as well, I would say my skin absorbed this one quite nicely indeed.

They also have anti fogging wipes which are pretty good imo. ($1.90 per piece, can be used a few times if kept in a ziplock bag)


Note on product / service reviews : 

I may be given samples or products to review but at the end of the day, all reviews are unbiased and based on my opinion of how good or bad a product is regardless of sponsorship or not. (Also, sometimes I pay out of my own pocket and love to write reviews about them, eg: bikram yoga at BYCH )

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