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A Calorie is not a Calorie – We are What We Eat

I truly believe in this. We are what we eat.

Some people may think a calorie is a calorie when it comes to losing weight but the truth is, what makes up the calories in that meal you just consumed makes a whole lot of difference.

Take for example, a 350 kcal burger and a baked salmon fillet with veggies also at 350 kcal. Both have the same number of calories but the nutritional value and content of the two meals differs greatly.


Read this article published by Huffington post, written by Prof. Robert Lustig, and you will see why a calorie is not a calorie.

In it, he states (excerpt taken from the article) four examples that refute this dogma:


You eat 160 calories in almonds, but you absorb only 130. The fiber in the almonds delays absorption of calories into the bloodstream, delivering those calories to the bacteria in your intestine, which chew them up. Because a calorie is not a calorie.





When it comes to food, you have to put energy in to get energy out. You have to put twice as much energy in to metabolize protein as you do carbohydrate; this is called the thermic effect of food. So protein wastes more energy in its processing. Plus protein reduces hunger better than carbohydrate. Because a calorie is not a calorie.




3. FAT 

All fats release nine calories per gram when burned. But omega-3 fats are heart-healthy and will save your life, while trans fats clog your arteries, leading to a heart attack. Because a calorie is not a calorie.Fats_pie




This is the “big kahuna” of the “big lie.” Sugar is not one chemical. It’s two. Glucose is the energy of life. Every cell in every organism on the planet can burn glucose for energy. Glucose is mildly sweet, but not very interesting (think molasses). Fructose is an entirely different animal. Fructose is very sweet, the molecule we seek. Both burn at four calories per gram. If fructose were just like glucose, then sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) would be just like starch. But fructose is not glucose. Because a calorie is not a calorie.


Valid points no? I am extremely convinced that yes, although you might lose weight eating a 350kcal burger a day, you will not be looking your best. As in, complexions will be dull and sallow. You will feel a lack of energy, your digestive system might not be at its optimal performance and so forth.

This is my opinion though, don’t let it stop you if you disagree but all I am saying is that I believe that we are what we eat. And if you put junk in our mouth, we are bound to look like junk. Treat your body well, and it will surely reflect from the inside out.

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