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Learning more about The Samsung S5

So I have been using the Samsung S5 and Gear 2 for almost a week now and I must say I have been finding out more cool things about the S5.

For instance:

1. To take a screen shot, I just have to use a full side sweep of my palm, (not facing down but across like a photocopier) and it immediately takes a shot. How cool is that.

2. Samsung Smart Switch, which is pretty handy because all my contacts were stored in icloud, I could just transfer data using that. In just a few easy steps, I was able to transfer all my contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendar and more to my new GALAXY S5 LTE. You can find out more information and download the desktop program for the Smart Switch here. (

3. The camera, this is where I went gaga over it.

samsung s5 camera review

Photo on left taken with the GALAXY S5 LTE, photo on right is taken with a rival brand

I must say the picture quality is really good, that’s because they have realtime HDR, which can reproduce natural lighting and colour with striking intensity at any lighting conditions, even in environments with high lighting contrast. I also liked that whatever photos I took with the Gear 2 can be sync-ed to the phone.

Selective focus is another real winner for me, as I love playing with depth of field but don’t yet have an SLR at the moment. The GALAXY S5 LTE’s Selective Focus function allows me to take professional looking pictures with a shallow depth of focus, thus keeping the main subject of my picture in focus while simultaneously blurring out the rest of the picture, i.e. the background.

Check it out >>>

selective focus

All you have to do is choose Selective Focus in camera mode, select the object to focus on and snap.

You can also edit the picture by using near focus, far focus or pan focus. 🙂

4. Ultra power saving mode

This comes in so handy for me as I freak out if my batt drops below 20%!  How it works is that even when you are down to your last few drops of juice, it maximizes your batt life by switching your screen to black and white and shutting down unnecessary features. Thus, you get up to 30 hours’ worth of standby time. During this time, you can use essential features such as Calls, SMS and Internet Browser – plus any 3 more apps of your choice! This means even the usage of Facebook or Instagram is possible on your last 10%.

5. Fingerprint security

For those who are paranoid that people can guess your password, this is THE function for you. Fingerprint security ensures your data is safe as only you or two other people whom you allow can access them. It can even unlock the Private mode, which is a section of the phone where you can keep your most important files and media content hidden from others.

6. Download booster

Impatient people will love this. Combining both LTE and Wi-Fi to accelerate whatever you are downloading, this saves you time, which is all the more useful when you have huge files that you need in a hurry!

Oh and also, I realised that when it comes to the Gear 2’s pedometer, you can also record your steps while doing the cross trainer. Quite happy when I found that out, as this means it counts towards my 10k a day goal at present. The Pedometer can even allow you to check your steps count ranking against other S Health’s pedometer users in the world on the Scoreboards!


For those considering the Samsung S5, now is the time

Also, here are some additional perks of being a Samsung User – the GALAXY Life and GALAXY Gifts! Samsung GALAXY Life is a Samsung loyalty mobile application that offers curated and exclusive content for Samsung users, both mobile and tablet. It offers Samsung consumers entry and access to a community that is customized by categories, content and privileges.

To enhance and complement this, the GALAXY S5 LTE comes with a set of specially curated third party content and services via the GALAXY Gifts, which are worth over US$500. Some of these include:

•         Lark – Your Personal Wellness Assistant, which provides easy personalised recommendations on how to be fitter and healthier. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 12-month premium Lark services (worth S$45).

•         RunKeeper – Turn your GALAXY S5 LTE into a personal trainer in your pocket. Track your fitness activities, measure your performance over time and share achievements with friends. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 12-month membership (worth S$25) for RunKeeper Lite.

•         Skimble – Workout Trainer provides thousands of multimedia workouts led by expert coaches. Workouts come equipped with dynamic move-by-move videos, photos and text instructions. GALAXY S5 LTE users can enjoy a free 6-month Pro+ premium membership experience (worth S$52).

•         MapMyFitness – Built to help runners, joggers and walkers of all ability levels and ages. Easily track pace, distance, calories and time with audio alerts and much more. Track running, cycling, and over 600 types of other activities. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 6-month ad-free MVP access (worth S$45).

note: This post is sponsored by Samsung

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