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New Beginnings

I have been thinking about writing a post like this for a long time but I don’t know where to begin. The truth be told, I had originally started my blog just to document my boring runs that I used to go on regularly. Oh how I miss those runs. I would get excited at a 5min/km pace and would write that down or anything that came into my mind really.



Of late and especially the last year, as my blog took off in a small way, I found myself writing more for products,reviews,etc ย and what people expected of me and less for myself.

It didn’t really become my space anymore. I felt as if I had lost my original purpose and that made my postings less frequent. Even the ones I managed to write, I did with a semi-enthusiastic effort.

When you love writing and struggle to write a piece, that’s when you know something is up. I write this with more conviction than I ever had in the last year. This flows out of me easier than a gushing river. The irony that writing about the struggle of writing is easier than writing about my passion is not lost on me.

I had grand illusions for my blog.

beautiful pics

I wanted it to have inspiring/nice photos that I would take with my cameras that I used to like experimenting with.

I wanted each post to be filled with passion.

I wanted it to document every single run I do but I hardly run as much as I used to.

I wanted it to be filled with yummy and healthy recipes and food to nourish the body


All I fear I have done is succumbed. Don’t get me wrong, I am really grateful for all the opportunities that I have had in the past. Reviewing events, products and all. Each one of them has been a learning experience. It seems more and more people are now into health and fitness blogging in Singapore and I am happy to see that rise. It makes me happy that they are taking such a strong interest in that area and I hope that number increases.

I mentioned in my title of New Beginnings.

Literally, this is true. I have relocated to Perth (got married to my best friend in the whole world) and have been here for the last month or so and feel like I finally have the time to write this that has been on my chest for the longest time. But relocating here is not the new beginnings that I am penning down.

I have no presence here in Oz for fitness blogging and am happy that way for now. This gives me loads of time to finally write about what I want to write. I am excited about the treks that I will walk, trails that I will run and the new sports that I will do.

I am looking forward to experimenting with new recipes in my own kitchen without the fear of messing up someone else’s space and buying delicious avocados. (I swear the SG ones are not as nice) plus I can finally get kale easily!

Soba, edamame and chicken

I miss making healthy meals!!!!

I cannot wait to use my rock climbing harness once again as I miss climbing terribly and so much more adventure to be had that I cannot wait to write about them.

up the wall

And so for these reasons, I am happy to have new beginnings that I hope will make me feel like the old me once more.

* It’s a long road ahead, I let my fitness slip a little once I came here as it is hard to have a routine when you are constantly on the move. But once we (Sam and I) get a place, I know that it is more sooner than later for us to get into the flow again. But for now, I am going to write from the heart. Gtg, the hubs just came into the room singing the loveliest song for me. He really cracks me up! Oh, did I mention, am so glad he supports me 100% for my blog and what I put into and that he is so good to workout with as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Elvin Tan says:

    Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paleorina says:

    This is great post! Sometimes I get given stuff to review or asked to review some event and I feel like I should be obliged to do so. But inspired writing only comes when we write about the things we want to write about – like beautiful Australian beaches in your case! Jia you!

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