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Out and About at Buffalo Beach

The weather was kind to us that very afternoon. It was a cool day but the warmth of the sun was enough to allow me to keep my windbreaker off. We arrived at Buffalo beach around midday to try and run on its lovely beach and surrounding sand dunes.

buffalo beach sign

If you had a 4WD, you could definitely take it out for a ride along the beachfront. The many tyre marks in the sand confirmed that many people had the same idea.

buffalo beach 2


We started off running and taking a few fun shots of the place. Sam went barefoot as usual, but I didn’t. I was afraid of stepping on hard/sharp objects as I had a knack, as previous experiences would tell, to do so. I do think that running barefoot on sand has many advantages though, it definitely makes your arches stronger I think

Here are some photos we took that day:

buffalo beach 3

Forgot to switch my iphone’s filter back to normal mode, hence the bluish effect.

buffalo beach 5 buffalo beach 11

Tyre tracks in the sand

buffalo beach 13

Running on sand is really challenging!

buffalo beach 15


Barefooted hubs

buffalo beach 4 buffalo beach 6 buffalo beach 7

Upslopes! urgh….

buffalo beach 9 buffalo beach 10 buffalo beach 12 buffalo beach 14 buffalo beach 16 buffao beach 8


And so, another lovely and active day ftw

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