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5 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Fabulous Pair of Workout Pants

I have to admit, when it comes to working out, black is the colour I choose 90% of the time. No sweat stains, slimming effect, what could go wrong?

The only thing with black is that it’s BORING when I have 5 – 6 pairs of tights, shorts and pants that are the same colour to workout in. So when I got this pair of Liquido pants to work out in, I was excited.

So here’s why everyone needs a cheerful pair of pants to workout in:

workout pants

1. First of, they fit really comfortably and with the V cut in at the waist area, it kind of gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Instantly.

2. Good lycra materia means they are snug, will stretch nicely and won’t chaff or tug in unsightly places. They also give UV protection.

3. You can use them for almost any sport. Yoga, squats, running, trekking… it’s all good

yoga pants

4. They are fashionable enough to pull off as normal pants. That means more time saved and one less thing to carry when you leave the gym or yoga studio.

5. Uniqueness is another selling point. Chances are, everyone’s like me, wearing the same old shit. Not you. Not when you got your fabulous pants on.

I don’t know about you, but wearing something nice makes me more motivated to work out more. See How Workout Gear Can Motivate You .

Check out these other patterns from Liquido as well! Retails at USD78 each.






One thought on “5 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Fabulous Pair of Workout Pants”

  1. Paleorina says:

    Haha I have the exact same pair of leggings!!! It’s very comfy I agree and motivates me to workout. The only thing is that I realise I prefer capris as opposed to something nearer the ankle. I bought mine from

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