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Running Indoors Vs Running Outdoors

Do you like to run? And if so, where do you prefer to run?

Some like to run on the treadmill indoors while others love the fresh air that running outside brings..

I personally prefer running outdoors to being confined inside but hey, everyone has preferences right!

So here are the pros and cons of running indoors vs running out doors.


indoor running



– Kinder on your knees, the treadmill actually helps your feet to  soften the impact each time you land.

– Some people like watching the numbers flash by as this gives them motivation. It’s like counting down to the minutes left or how many miles already ran that spurs them on.

– It’s weather safe. Meaning rain or shine, you don’t have an  excuse to run unless of course the machine breaks down.

– No bugs or insects to bite you. I once was running outdoors when all of a sudden something fell on my thumb and as I shrugged it off, my thumb began to swell! It took a few days for it to go down and until now, I never knew what it was.


– It can be repetitive in terms of scenery. Day in and out, you see the same thing. If you are lucky, your machine might be facing a window where you can people watch as they walk on by. If you are facing a wall, well, that’s when your imagination comes to good use.

– Experiencing different terrains is impossible. Sure, you may stimulate a hill run by upping the incline, but there really is a difference on how you feel when your feet lands.

– It can get boring because there are no roads to explore but then again if distractions aren’t your thing, then go for it.




– As they say, variety is the spice of life and running is no more different. Run outdoors and you are greeted with so many choices. You can choose to go left or right at the cross roads.

– There are various terrains to run on, from the tracks at the stadium to trail running, gravel and cement pavements are also an option

– Fresh air and a nice scenery are always incentives that will get any runner off their seat.



– If it rains and you are not the type who likes to get wet, then you won’t be able to run

– Air pollution may affect your breathing if you are running in a highly populated city with a high amount of toxicity emitting out from vehicles.

Actually, call me biased for I cannot think of any more cons why running outdoors may be bad for you. I love the outdoors and nothing will ever change it. From running trails to taking hikes,  from climbing mountains to training on hills, there will always be something for me to love about the great outdoors and the possibilities are endless!



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