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What You’ll See When Walking at Big Swamp Bunbury

Warm days and cool nights, that’s what this Spring feels like so far. Basked in today’s lovely sun at Big Swamp in Bunbury which is a unique wetland reserve, home to over 70 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. Read more here.

We headed there shortly after our breakfast at Dome cafe,and soon upon arrival was greeted by these lovely ducks and its babies!

Awwww, aren’t they just adorable….

Here are some more pics I took along the way

big swamp 1

Little bibi and her tree. I don’t know what they are called, they look like those bristled brushes used to clean babies’ bottles

big swamp 2

 A walkway leading to a shelter where you can hopefully spy some ducks or swans swimming merrily


big swamp 6

Another view of the wetlands

big swamp 5

Loved this part of the walk as there was shade! Kidding, the tress are called paper trees I think, cos the bark peels off but not completely leaving layers upon layers of bark (resembling paper) still on the trunk.

big swamp 12

Upward view of the trees

big swamp 11

Selfie time or more recently relfie ( read online – people in a relationship who take selfies) There you go, something new from the internet everytime.


big swamp 10

A lookout shed for people to hide and spot the wildlife


big swamp 9


big swamp 7

big swamp 8


big swamp 4

So many flowers blooming, I need to know their names! For now, I shall call this a yellow flower (so creative, I know) Wished I took the other flowers though


big swamp 3

 I spy with my naked eye…… That spot on the water was a duck.


big swamp 13

Someone’s seeking some shade…

Do you like taking walks? If so, leave a comment on the best places you have been!

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