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Yoga for the Brain

Imagine you could contort your brain into all kinds of positions… To simulate, stretch and make it grow. After all, that is what people who practise yoga want right, for their body that is. To strengthen and make it more healthy. To become more flexible in the process and of course to improve their health.

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Some reasons why people practise yoga are:

1. For better health

2. To be more flexible

3. Because they hate cardio or exercise but know they should be doing something active, thus choosing yoga to make them feel better.

4. Inner peace – they love to meditate and swear that it helps clear the mind. However, I don’ t really believe this. Maybe it’s because I am sweating my pants of in hot yoga and have hardly the time to reflect! The only thing in my mind is :” urghhh!”

Of course, there are many other reasons why people practise yoga but these are just a few that I can think off-hand.

Yoga for the Brain


It seems that the benefits of yoga is not only limited to the body but extends out to the brain as well. Read more here

Researchers at Wayne State University found that people did better — both speed-wise and accuracy-wise — on brain functioning tests after just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga, compared with aerobic exercise.

This is good news, isn’t it? For yoga practitioners out there and another reason for people to start going for that yoga class you have been meaning to sign up for.

There are so many types of yoga class that I want to go, from Vinyasa to Bikram (read about my 14 day Bikram Yoga Challenge here)… Do your research on the many different types out there and pick one that is most suited to your personality.

Good luck and Namaste



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