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A small update

It’s been a long time since I last posted an entry. So here’s a quick update since I began a new chapter living in Perth. We finally rented an awesome apartment at Mounts Bay Road which is really a great location as it is only 10 minutes walk to the city and Transperth but the best part is being so close to Jacob’s ladder which is part of King’s Park.

For those who don’t know Jacob’s is 242 killer steps that make you work your quads! Lots of people can be seen in the evenings going up and down the steps in order to improve their fitness.

pic from (top view)

I have been doing it about once or twice a week (4-6 times up and down) and hope to up it to at least 10 times in the near future.

I love living in Perth, the weather is so fresh and not as humid back in Singapore. What I do miss is the shopping of course. Most shops close around  in the evening save for late night shopping which is only on Fridays in the city and Thursday in the suburbs, so I really can’t shop as much as I used to back home.

* I do use this website called for online purchases though. I earn cashback whenever I purchase from a participating merchant. Categories range from travel, fashion, home and living, electronics and more. For those in Singapore, the Great Singapore Sale 2015 is coming up, so you might want to add more to your savings by using this site.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I really do hope to keep you guys more updated about the health and fitness scene here. I have been meaning to visit health cafes like this

Health Freak Cafe (photo from

or this

the Raw Kitchen in Fremantle (photo from

Image result for the raw kitchen fremantle

and plenty more. Been really busy with work as I have been on 12 hours graveyard shifts from 7 to 7 in the morning so hopefully I will find the time to go soon!

Other than that, much love and thanks for reading this.




One thought on “A small update”

  1. Lerie says:

    Hi! Glad your back! Ooh can’t wait to hear more about your fitness journey in your new place and all those healthy eats too!

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