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Why Jacob’s Ladder Perth is One of the Best Ways to Keep Fit

If you ever get the chance to go to Perth and feel the need to challenge your legs, head to Jacob’s Ladder (for more info, click here) at King’s Park.

It consists of 242 flights of killers steps that can be attempted to improve one’s fitness. While going up is relatively easy for the first half, the real struggle (at least for me) begins to accumulate during the last quarter of the ascent. I don’t even want to talk about the last 20 over steps that seem to be out of my reach while my legs grow heavier with each step.

jacobs ladder bottomstarting point of pain


Finally, I reach the wretched top and all is not well just yet. Gasping for air like a fish out of water, I have to wait a few moments before heading straight for the drink fountain which has been wisely put there in place by the local precinct.

I look around and am pleased to know that I’m not the only one feeling sorry for myself. Save for a few insanely fit people (they’re not human I think to myself), the rest of us are left cursing under our breath.

View from the top

So why do I like Jacob’s Ladder Perth so much? It’s cos of the value it has added to me.

1. It improves my stamina – when I first started, 2 would be enough to do me in. Then I got better and then worse (cos I slacked off) and better again. Right now, 10 is my goal.

2. It improves muscle tone. Depending on how you land (toes or heel), you work different parts of the leg. Some days, I get doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) on my gluts more, other days; the thighs

3. It cultivates mental discipline and commitment – when you feel like giving up but don’t. It’s an achievement unlocked. When you decide not to be a wuss and not hold the handrails for support. When you decide to go for an extra flight up. When you decide to run up as fast as you can before your legs turn to jelly

4. It is free. Need I say more?

5. Exercising outdoors and breathing in fresh air is so damn great – especially during cold weather

6. The scenery is awesome – check out the scenic day and night views you will be rewarded with

view from jacobs ladder perth

Panoramic View


Chanced upon a full moon the other night

 7. a stretch and pull up corner at the bottom.

jacobs ladder fitness corner

Here’s where I practise my pull ups and also to stretch and catch a breather before going up again.

As an added bonus, I like to alternate between Mount Street and Jacobs. It’s a great way to challenge yourself if you want to train hill running. It is situated on the left once you reach the top of Jacob’s ladder, after a short walk (20m approx) up cliff street.

mounts street perth top

Road and sidewalk view of the top


Top of Mount street

bottom of mounts street perth

Here’s where you can start your hill training

Then I try to do baby pull ups if I still have the strength left.

It can get pretty crowded in the morning before work or during the evenings around 5-8pm, so I generally avoid this peak period. Nights are the best as the air is cooler and there are less people around. Stair climbing has always been one of the best ways to get fit and thanks to Jacob’s Ladder so close to me, I really don’t have an excuse, do I?

Have you done Jacob’s recently? How did you feel?

Thanks for reading! 

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2 thoughts on “Why Jacob’s Ladder Perth is One of the Best Ways to Keep Fit”

  1. James says:

    I want to go to Perth and do that and go to Ajhan Brahm’s Monastery. Awesome article.

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